Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Text-Logo_to_ofn_bend_path New Ver.8

Text-Logo_to_ofn_bend_path New Ver.8

author: MareroQ

This plugin is based on ofn-bend-path.py by Ofnuts (implanted code), and allows you to quickly create 256 envelope types (top 16 tracks x bottom 16) that are related to folding text.
Several possibilities with interactive use of scripts have been added to decorate the result.

For run interactive are included scripts:

3d-Extrusion.scm - Created by GnuTux
3d-Outline.scm - Created by Hrvoje Horvat
Bevel-Reflect-Logo.scm - Created by GnuTux
Chisel.scm - Created by Rob Antonishen
Double_Bump_Map.scm - Created by Tin Tran
Extrude from Path.scm - Created by Graechan
Gradient-Bevel.scm - Created by Brian McFee
GT-Bevel.scm - Created by GnuTux

They are also needed:
blur-gauss.exe,bump-map.exe [borrowed from Gimp-2.8.22_64bit) 

The required scripts and plugins are included in the attachment.

The created new text path allows for further modification/decoration.

In menu GIMP:
File/Create/Logos/Bend Text-Logo...


Some examples:



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  1. Just one thing missing in my opinion. The ability to make a neon effect out of the finished result, factored into the plugin, as well.


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