Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Disable/Enable Windows fonts

 Fonts Windows ON-OFF

 Author: MareroQ
Bother You with too many system fonts in Gimp?
I want to use only the selected ones, not the ones that are instaled in Windows.
In Gimp for Windows, You can disable/enable fonts by editing the ...\etc\fonts\fonts.conf file.

This plugin will do it for You.
Only fonts listed in Preferences -> Folders -> Fonts can work.
If you have Gimp installed on drive C: probably need to grant write permission for file fonts.conf.
Portable versions are not affected by this access issue.

A lot of guides on this matter, e.g.:
Access is denied Windows 10
For safety, make a backup of the fonts.conf file (I just zip the file in the same directory).

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