Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Gimp to Inkscape

Authors: rob_brz1 & MrQ

This plug-in opens: active or all GIMP vectors or active layer in Inkscape, then can acquire and/or render them.

Older version:

In menu: Filters ➤ Render ➤ Connection to Inkscape...

Ver. 0.5.0 M
Changes since version 0.4.2:
- remove create py_configs/Gimp_to_Inkscape.txt,
- add option: Exported active layer & return as new image (SVG render),
- change menu in Gimp to Filters/Render/Connection to Inkscape...(old menu: Vectors/Connection to Inkscape &...),
- changing the default "Exchange directory:" from "~/Desktop" to "tmp" in,
- remove the extension from the layer name (if exist). 

Ver.0.5.1 M
- bugfix for DPI if use Exported Path and Return to GIMP with:"SVG Rendering as New Image"

Ver.0.5.2 M
- add option: Return to GIMP with: "SVG Rendering as New Image (Path Many, Individual)"
- add option: "Path visible? "