Sunday, October 23, 2022

Animation Merge


Author: Will Morrison.

Merges one animation on top of another with the specified blend mode.
In menu: Filters ➤ Animation ➤ Animation Merge... 


Animation-1 (Bottom)

Animation-2 (Top)

Connection result

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Switches Layer


Author: MareroQ

Switches layers from selected sources to a specified target.
Small piece of MrQ Actions code called from 'Layers' context menu.

In menu: Layers ➤ Switches Layer...



- added to Source " EVERY SECOND LAYER ".
- added to  Target " REMOVE EXTENSION in the layer name"," CENTERED "


Thursday, October 6, 2022

Animated Scene

(MrQ Animated
Author: MareroQ

Create a animated scene from fonts and image.
Recommended use fonts type dingbat.
This is a continuation of plugin development Halloween animated scene (without having to remove it).

In menu: Filters ➤ Animation ➤ Animated Text Scene...
You must have G'MIC installed.
-new plugin interface based on gimpfu3 by J.F.Garcia [arakne],
-more options for creating backgrounds,
-bumpmap and neon-glow as user selectable option. 


- added option to choose scaling for background loaded from file:"Scale Loaded Layer to Frames","Scale Frames to Loaded Layer",
- added option "Scale Animation (%)",
- added new type animation: "From Top to Bottom", "Explode",
- added option to Back and Front Text "Apply an additional decorative effect":["Camouflage","Canvas","Crystal","Cubism","Denim","Edge","Edge Neon","Edge Sobel","Engrave","Gradient Map","Mosaic","Pixelize","Plasma","Rainbow","Video Degradation"].

- small reorganization of gui,
- in addition to the 'Color', the text may be filled with a 'Pattern',
- added new type animation: "Raindrops", "Scanlines", "Wave", "Water",
- added new type Apply Effect(decorative): "Dirty", "Ministeck", "Super-Pixels Colors Average", "Super-Pixels Colors Random".







- added option to Front: "Create Front From": "Text" or "Loaded Selected Layer (with transparency)",
- added new type animation: "Rotation about Y axis", "Rotation about X axis".

 Front From Image (loaded layer)
(spider image by Lylejk)

 Rotation about X axis

 Rotation about Y axis

- added option to Back: "Create Back From": "Text" or "Load Selected Layer (with transparency)" or "Don't Use";
- for tab 'Background' replace "Load selected file" to "Load selected Layer" (opened in Gimp - more control to size);
- added new tab 'Overlay' (to apply a frame, signature or avatar). 

Example frame overlay

- for tab 'Back' added option Align: TOP, BOTTOM;
- for tab 'Overlay' added option Align: MIDDLE, TOP, BOTTOM, RIGHT, LEFT;
- added new type animation: Lava;
- added new type Apply Effect(decorative): Grid Cartesian, Grid Triangular.

 Align-Possible positions:

 Example Lava;


- for tab "Background" ➤"Resize Selected" added option: "Not Resize" -
when you want to create an animation of the size of the loaded layer (but the Back and Front dimensions must be smaller than the loaded layer!).
- added new type animation: "From Top-Left to Bottom-Right","From Top-Right to Bottom-Left".
Example From Top-Left to Bottom-Right: 
Example From Top-Right to Bottom-Left:
The order in which the frames are arranged:

 - added new type animation:"Hue Saturation Rotation", "Hue Chroma Rotation" inspired by Teapot


 - added new type animation:"Fading through Transparency", "Fading through a Rectangle", "Fading through a Ellipse"

Fading through Transparency

 Fading through a Rectangle

 Fading through a Ellipse

In menu: Filters ➤ Animation ➤ Animated Text Scene...

Animation with ImageMagick


Author: MareroQ
Implemented plugin by Ofnuts.

Older versions and comments here:

In menu: Filters ➤ Animation ➤ Animated gif using ImageMagick...

Gimp is not the best tool for creating animated gifs (instead of using the 256 color limit for the frame, this applies to the entire gif).
In this case, you can support Gimp with the great capabilities (HQ) of ImageMagick.

The current release is ImageMagick 7.1.0-49.
For Windows download size:~37 Mb, instaled with options: Associate supported and Install legacy: ~116 Mb



(MrQ Animation with
- change of 'Delay' unit to milliseconds (according to Gimp),
- add export support as animated webp,
- added the ability to replicate 3 frames (top, bottom and any selected) in order to extend the display of key frames,
- changing the name in the menu to: "Animation with ImageMagick...",
- bugfix for replicate (09/10/2022).

Animated webp format converts frames (merge) according to its own algorithm,
 so for further easy editing (modification) save it also as xcf.

 - added export support as mp4.
 - added option: 'Play in a loop' (gif or webp). 
Popular dimensions mp4 (accepted on YouTube)
Example mp4.

- new plugin interface based on gimpfu3 by J.F.Garcia [arakne]

- added option: Crop Movie: to popular dimensions or aspect ratio. If the movie is enlarged, the missing areas are set to the background color or transparent.

- if the directory for saving is not selected, display the message and do not execute the code (interrupt the plug-in operation).

- small changes in GUI description,
- added option:"Resize all layers to image size?" (to eliminate possible errors in the result).
It's the equivalent - When you export layers of different sizes as gif in Gimp, a message will appear: