Saturday, October 17, 2020

Instagram Effect V-0.2

 Gimp Instagram Effect V-0.2

 Author: Marco Crippa [minor changes: MareroQ]

In menu Gimp: Filters/Artistic/Instagram Effect...

You can choose from 22 artistic effects:

 Some examples:


Centered crossguides.

 Centered crossguides.

 Author: MareroQ

Some users need such a simple solution. Issues #5759.

Simple python-fu plugin quickly creates center guides for image, layer or selection.

In menu Gimp:
Image/Guides/Center of image
Image/Guides/Center of layer
Image/Guides/Center of selection


Friday, October 16, 2020

Hillustrative GMIC-Qt Script

 Author: Sébastien Guyader

This script tries emulating a photo-illustrative look à la Dave Hill, using G'MIC filters for local contrast and highlight bloom, and grain extract/merge for recovering details. After the script has finished its job, it will leave 4 layers: the original base layer, the Simple Local Contrast layer, the Graphic Novel, and the Detail layer (from bottom to top)

Image by Krikor

Menu Location: <Image>/Script-Fu/Hillustrative...

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Metal Car Logo Plugin *UPDATED*

 Author: Pocholo

Create a COOL Metal Car Logo! Now includes the ability to change background colors!

Image by Pocholo

Menu Location: <Image> Pocholo-scripts

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Diego's Drawing Style E

 Author: Diego

Create Exquisite Pencil Sketch Drawings Using Diego's New Style "E" (works fabulously with cityscapes!)

Images by Diego
Menu Location: <Image> Diego/Drawing/

Add Number Layers

 Add Number Layers

 Author: Krzysztof Blachnicki [small changes: MareroQ]

In menu Gimp: Filters/Text/Add number layers...


From time to time, Gimp users are looking for a solution:
how to add numbers in layers. to generate numbers from 0 to x and these properties are adjustable: font, size, color, bold on or off? It should be in the middle. Each number should be separated on a layer...

This plugin offers much more (e.g. a complete solution for wanting to print numbered tickets).


Test For Duplicate Scripts V-1.8

 Test For Duplicate Scripts V-1.8

Author: Kevin Payne [aka paynekj]

In menu Gimp: Help/Test For Duplicate Scripts v1.8...

A very useful script for people who like to install a lot of plugins (me too 😎).

This will solve (or exclude) certain types of errors - but for sure the most common ones (installing two versions of the script)
This script is available at # 099 in the archive (The OLD Archive)

Since I tested it in Gimp 2.10.22 - and it works very well, it's also here.
This will also solve the problem:
what is the name of the file that is displayed in the menu (script-fu-menu-register) - [some pluginrc equivalent for scripts] 

More information here.