Monday, June 20, 2022

Guides In Range

 Guides In Range

In menu: Image ➤ Guides ➤ Guides in Range (px)...
Simple plugin adds multiple guides between the start and end range in pixels,
specifying the number of sections.

Based on (which uses percentages in offset, not in pixels) by Tin Tran, changes made by: MareroQ (also removed dependency on script-fu guides-new.scm).

author: MareroQ

-add limit px to x/y END,
-added "Draw Guides Pencil" (by active brush, FG color, on new layer) option,
-added "Delete all guides" option. 

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Save & Load Guides

 Save & Load Guides

Author: Tin Tran [aka: Tin, Tim, Trandoductin]

Plugin that allows you to save guides or load using the "RELATIVE (percent)" or "ABSOLUTE (pixels)" method.
The guides are saved to the guides.txt file in the directory: ... plug-ins\guides\

Source file here.

In menu:
Image ➤ Guides ➤ Save & Load ➤ Load a set of guides...
Image ➤ Guides ➤ Save & Load ➤ Save a set of guides...

Updated for Gimp-2.10: MrQ.

Guides to selection

Guides To Selection

Author: SteveMi

Sources: here.

The feature to create guides from selection exists in Gimp (New Guides From Selection).
The inverse function does not.
This script makes a selection from 4 guides (must be 2 vertical and 2 horizontal).
In menu: Image ➤ Guides ➤ Guides to selection...

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

FPS (Free Paint Strokes) 2022 A Is Finally Here!

 Author: Diego

From the author:

The PDF Tutorial for the original Free Paint (plugin or outcomes) will help you get better acquainted wIth this filter. Any questions about this filter can be directed here.

Check out these BEAUTIFUL examples from Diego and Issabella

Click images to enlarge

The FILTER menu:

User Parameters:

  • the size of the outcome you'd like to get
  • how many colour areas you'd like to work with  (the filter uses a different pattern for each of the colours)
  • the "distortion" you'd like to have in the fake painting produced (basic, soft, hard)
  • the pattern set you'd like to use (fake strokes); the choice is made randomly by the filter inside the set
  • the visibility you'd like for the fake strokes (basic, soft, hard)
  • whether you prefer to get the outcome as a flatten image or with the layers detail used
  • how much of the original source image you'd like to see on top (the most common layer to manipulate)
  • the visibility of the canvas (none, soft, hard)
goes in your GIMP plugins folder. 

Check edit/preferences/folders/plug-ins for locations.
You must have G'MIC installed (version 3.1.3 or newer is recommended for Gimp-2.10.32)
Download G'mic:

Found in GIMP Menu: Diego ➤ ArtisticFree painting 2022 v.A"

In addition there are several sets of patterns/variants created just for this filter. You may download them below:

Patterns Package 1

Patterns Package 2

Patterns Package 3

Patterns Package 4

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Qoi - new format for GIMP?

 Author: Piotr Fusik

Source: here.

 QOI (Quite OK Image) is very fast saving/reading files.
It losslessy compresses images to a similar size of PNG, while offering 20x-50x faster encoding and 3x-4x faster decoding.
Limited to images with a maximum size of 400 million pixels.

It is not known whether this file format will be included in the official versions of Gimp.
Follow here


For testing, compiled for Windows10 and Gimp-2.10.30 by : MareroQ.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

GIMP Sprite Atlas

 Author: Bas de Reuver

GIMP plug-in creates SpriteAtlas

Takes layers as images and compiles into SpriteAtlas

including the coordinates file in json/xml/css format.

Uses rectangle packing algorithm.

Images by Bas de Reuver

Menu Location: <Image>/Filters/Animation/

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

P&M Cosmos

 P&M Cosmos
Authors: Pocholo & MareroQ

Creates Stars, Planets, Spaceships and much more...

In menu: Filters ➤ Astronomy ➤ Render Planet & Stars...

On Gimpchat You will find many more examples:

You must have G'MIC installed (version 3.1.0 or later recommended)
This version includes language files for user translations (currently only translated in German and Polish). If you are not interested in the translation, you can remove the directory 'locale' from the attachment. 

You can download multiple gradients (468 Mandelbulber Gradients) for creating your Ring from here.
How to create Your own ships:


Change Log:
- add new tab: FX-3D;
- add new SpaceShip: Elipsoid;
- add Zoom Motion to Gmic Stars.

Rel 1.3

Change Log:
- add '3D Block' and 'Random Deform' to tab: FX-3D


Change Log:
-bug fix for 3D Block (this G'MIC filter resize image to square)
-more stars control based on


Change Log:
-remove the green color of the stars,
-add gradmap (recolor using colors from the active gradient) or/and Alien Map (alter colors in various psychedelic ways) to '3D Extrude'. 

Change Log:

-renamed the "UFO" tab to 'Ships',
-add 'Famous Ships' to tab 'Ships'(this option requires the installation of 3 fonts).

'Famous Ships' based on the dingbat font by Daniel Zadorozny

These fonts are free for all non-commercial uses including: charitable, nonprofit, academic and educational.
The included fonts are the silhouettes of numerous spacecraft: Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Spacecruiser Yamato, Space 1999, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Buck Rogers' starfighter from the 23rd century, Dr. Who's Tardis, Serenity from the Firefly, Imperials, Rebels, Klingons, Cylons, Romulans, and Colonists series.

Example: Famous Spaceships 2, letter <

Change Log:
-remove white pixels from the edges of Famous Ships,
-add "surface" to famous ships (according to G'MIC Super-Pixels);
-extracting the "Embossing" option in the "Ships" tab as choice.