Wednesday, April 27, 2022

P&M Cosmos

 P&M Cosmos
Authors: Pocholo & MareroQ

Creates Stars, Planets, Spaceships and much more...

In menu: Filters ➤ Astronomy ➤ Render Planet & Stars...

On Gimpchat You will find many more examples:

You must have G'MIC installed (version 3.1.0 or later recommended)
This version includes language files for user translations (currently only translated in German and Polish). If you are not interested in the translation, you can remove the directory 'locale' from the attachment. 

You can download multiple gradients (468 Mandelbulber Gradients) for creating your Ring from here.
How to create Your own ships:


Change Log:
- add new tab: FX-3D;
- add new SpaceShip: Elipsoid;
- add Zoom Motion to Gmic Stars.

Rel 1.3

Change Log:
- add '3D Block' and 'Random Deform' to tab: FX-3D


Change Log:
-bug fix for 3D Block (this G'MIC filter resize image to square)
-more stars control based on


Change Log:
-remove the green color of the stars,
-add gradmap (recolor using colors from the active gradient) or/and Alien Map (alter colors in various psychedelic ways) to '3D Extrude'. 

Change Log:

-renamed the "UFO" tab to 'Ships',
-add 'Famous Ships' to tab 'Ships'(this option requires the installation of 3 fonts).

'Famous Ships' based on the dingbat font by Daniel Zadorozny

These fonts are free for all non-commercial uses including: charitable, nonprofit, academic and educational.
The included fonts are the silhouettes of numerous spacecraft: Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Spacecruiser Yamato, Space 1999, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Buck Rogers' starfighter from the 23rd century, Dr. Who's Tardis, Serenity from the Firefly, Imperials, Rebels, Klingons, Cylons, Romulans, and Colonists series.

Example: Famous Spaceships 2, letter <

Change Log:
-add "surface" to famous ships (according to G'MIC Super-Pixels);
-extracting the "Embossing" option in the "Ships" tab as choice.


Saturday, April 9, 2022

Skinnyhouse's Metallic Effects Alpha To Logo

 Author: Skinnyhouse

Metallic Effects Alpha To Logo

Spice up your text with Metallic Effects

Images by Skinnyhouse

Menu Location: Filters>>Alpha to Logo>>Metallic Effects v0.09-P...

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Special Curves & Preview.

 Special Curves & Preview.

( + 

Author: Markku Koppinen [also known as: Ottia Tuota]

Author's website: here.
Explanations, author comments on here.

In menu: Filters ➤ Render ➤ Special Curves & Preview...
The basic version of Gimp already has one great plugin by Elad Shahar (Filters → Render → Spyrogimp...).
The plugin is also very good (and has more parameters to control the curves and you can combine different curves).
Special Curves is a collection of six plug-ins for drawing specific curves (as an approximate path):

- Lissajous
- Spiropath
- Rhodonea
- Harmonograph
- Fourier3
- Fourier3 with control of symmetry.

You will find in the menu under: Filters → Render → Parametric curves → Special curves →  ...
Each has parameters that enable you to produce infinitely many different curves (as paths).

The created paths are not visible for the preview so to make the shape (path) visible,
the plugin paints along the path with the active painting method (Paintbrush, Pencil, MyPaint) with ACTIVE Brush.
First try brushes of small size (1 pixel is great - because you have created a path that you can take care of after closing this plugin) or the curves will be a blob. 


The plugin 'Preview' added MareroQ using the following codes:
- Preview by fu_preview (modificed gimpfu) by Claude Lion [aka cli345];
- gimfu3 with tabs by J.F. Garcia [arakne].

Package includes two plug-ins: (Ver.1.11) necessary for operation .

For comments on this version please send: here.

Sunday, January 30, 2022


 Author: Pascal Reitermann


From this:

To this:

Images by Mahvin

Found in: Filters → Artistic → Cartoonify

Simple Graphics

Simple Graphics. 

Author: Dinasset

In menu: Diego ➤ SimpleGraphics  ➤  . . .

"Simple Graphics" is a series of Diego Nassetti [dinasset] plugins derived from his play with filters that appear under: GMIC ➤ Testing

You must have G'MIC installed (recommended version 3.0 or later) for these filters to function.

Photos in the "Simple Graphics" series are taken by: Issabella, Lula, Dinasset. 

On Gimpchat You will find many more examples of beautiful effects obtained: here.

This series begins with plug-ins based on filters created by Samj.


(based on: Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Contours ➤ Test Mauvais Contours)


Comics with Color_Edges

(based on: Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Artistic ➤ Granular Texture
 + Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Artistic ➤ Color Edges Engrave)


(based on: Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Black & White ➤ Engrave Modifie) 


(based on: Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Artistic ➤ Texture Coloree 
+ Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Artistic ➤ Posterize B) 

Package includes:


(based on: Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Artistic ➤ Texture Coloree 
+ Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Artistic ➤ Posterize B)


(based on: Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Black & White ➤ NB Edges Engrave
 + Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Artistic ➤ Fond Brosse
 + Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Contours ➤ Contours Blancs)


(based on: Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Artistic ➤ Cubisme B)


FingerPaint with Couleurs_Rayees B

(based on: Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Artistic ➤ Couleurs Rayees 2
 + Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Artistic ➤ Granular Texture
 + Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Contours ➤ Contours Blancs)


(based on: Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Artistic ➤ Posterize B)

Grains Of Colours (fake Pointillisme)

(based on: Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Colors ➤ Couleurs Metalliques)


(based on: Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Artistic ➤ Texture Coloree)


(based on: Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Deformations ➤ Random Small Deformations)
Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Arrays & Tiles ➤ Pixelisation Contours
Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Artistic ➤ Fond Brosse)

Paint with Couleurs_Rayees_2

 (based on: Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Artistic ➤ Couleurs Rayees 2)


(based on: Testing ➤ Samj ➤ Artistic ➤ Edges And LIC)