Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Decorate WAP

 Decorate WAP

( MrQ Decorate

Author: MareroQ

In menu: Filters → Decor → Decorate W.A.P... 

Plugin for creating decorations on the active layer.


Codes used:

- preview by fu_preview (modificed gimpfu) by Claude Lion [aka cli345] here.

- gegl_command by Kevin Payne & Claude Lion [cli345]: here


Inspired by :

Fast Mask v.02 by Graechan & Beautify by Hejian 


The filter uses two simple algorithms:

1. For Overlay - scales the selected image to the size active layer , removes the white color and overlays the active layer.
2. For Mask - scales the selected image to the size active layer and creates a mask from the selected image (where white = visible underneath, black = invisible/removed from the image).

'Filling under the Mask' only has a few options - because you can choose whatever you want (apply any filter on BG in addition).
In order for the plug-in to create a list for 'Select Image', you must put the images in a home directory .../plug-ins/Decorate.
When the "Decorate" directory does not exist it will be created.

However, when it is empty, you will receive a message:

 All images placed in the directory will be displayed as a list:


It can be used to create frames, but it all depends on Your imagination and resources (only a few pictures attached - however, you can easily find the right one on the internet, a little here as well)


Some examples:


Sunday, October 17, 2021

Deckle Edge Border

 Author: Rafferty River

Place a deckle edge border around a photo with ease.
In menu: Filters → Decor → Deckle edge border... 


FontSlab V .014

 Author: Skinnyhouse

In menu:  Filters → Custom Font Tools → Font Slab v0.14-tab... 
FontSlab version 0.014-tab is the tabbed version of FontSlab; a plug-in for manipulating a line of text along a single path using either custom or normal fonts.

This version addresses the issue of using Gimp with long dialogs and is available, thanks to the work of MareroQ, making the Gimpfu3 interface accessible in FontSlab.

The tabbed version organizes the options into 3 sections to allow the used to focus more on the task in hand.

Fonts & Colours:

Size & Spacing:

Rotate, Repeat, Reversal

Images by Skinnyhouse

There is a set of guides available on GimpChat that can be accessed from the options on the 4th tab of the FontSlab dialog.
 Resources for all guide (27 Mb)
  • Bottom_Oval_Path
  • bowed_path
  • horseshoe_path
  • loopy-path
  • Spirangle_path
  • Straight path
  • Top_Oval_Path
  • WindingPath

  • Argos_George_Canary_LettersOnly.xcf
  • Chunky_Soft_RaysLettersOnly.xcf
  • Copasetic_GoldStrap.xcf
  • Immortal_Taped_Letters_Only.xcf
  • Kerfuffle_Interlock_Letters_Only.xcf


Saturday, October 9, 2021

MrQ Actions RPL.

 MrQ Actions RPL.

(MrQ Actions + MrQ Actions RPL
Author: MareroQ
Codes used: 
-  by code Tin Tran: here.
- apply_curve by code Tin Tran: here.
- by code Tin Tran: here.
- by code Ofnuts: here
- gimfu3 with tabs by J.F.Garcia: here.
- gegl_command by Kevin Payne & Claude Lion [cli345]: here.
- preview by fu_preview (modificed gimpfu) by Claude Lion [aka cli345]: here

In menu:
Layer →  Actions RPL...
Layer →  Actions RPL - Preview...

These two plug-ins are used to simplify layer operations.
You can apply thousands of different effects or automate repetitive actions to one or more layers.
The ability to write and read the invented action should make working with GIMP easier.

Ver. 1.0. Initial release

Older version Rel.1-7: Actions RPL here.
Installing additional plugins is not necessary - but it does give You thousands of new filters to use(and the number of combinations is practically unlimited).
If you want to use all the features of the plugin, you should add:

A. Old Plug-ins (added to Gimp 2.10) from Gimp 2.8 (download: here.)

1. alien-map.exe → Colors/Map/Alien Map...
2. apply-canvas.exe → Filters/Artistic/Apply Canvas...
3. blur-gauss.exe → Filters/Blur/Gaussian Blur...
4. blur-gauss-selective.exe → Filters/Blur/Selective Gaussian Blur...
5. blur-motion.exe → Filters/Blur/Motion Blur...
6. bump-map.exe → Filters/Map/Bump Map...
7. channel-mixer.exe → Colors/Components/Channel Mixer...
8. color-rotate.exe → Colors/Map/Rotate Colors...
9. color-to-alpha.exe → Layer/Transparency/Color to Alpha... and Colors/Color to Alpha...
10  convolution-matrix.exe → Filters/Generic/Convolution Matrix...
11. cubism.exe → Filters/Artistic/Cubism...
12. deinterlace.exe → Filters/Enhance/Deinterlace...
13. displace.exe → Filters/Map/Displace...
14. edge.exe → Filters/Edge-Detect/Edge...
15. edge-laplace.exe → Filters/Edge-Detect/Laplace...
16. edge-neon.exe → Filters/Edge-Detect/
17. edge-sobel.exe → Filters/Edge-Detect/Sobel...
18. engrave.exe → Filters/Distorts/Engrave...
19. illusion.exe → Filters/Map/Illusion...
20. lens-apply.exe → Filters/Distorts/Apply Lens...
21. lens-distortion.exe → Filters/Distorts/Lens Distortion...
22. maze.exe → Filters/Render/Pattern/Maze...
23. mosaic.exe → Filters/Distorts/Mosaic...
24. newsprint.exe → Filters/Distorts/Newsprint... (from Gimp-2.10.12)
25. noise-hsv.exe → Filters/Noise/HSV Noise...
26. noise-randomize.exe → Filters/Noise/Hurl...
27. noise-rgb.exe → Filters/Noise/RGB Noise...
28. noise-solid.exe → Filters/Render/Clouds/Solid Noise...
29. noise-spread.exe → Filters/Noise/Spread...
30  oilify.exe → Filters/Artistic/Oilify...
31. pixelize.exe → Filters/Blur/Pixelize...
32. plasma.exe → Filters/Render/Clouds/Plasma...
33. polar-coords.exe → Filters/Distorts/Polar Coordinates...
34. red-eye-removal.exe → Filters/Enhance/Red Eye Removal...
35. ripple.exe → Filters/Distorts/Ripple...
36. shift.exe → Filters/Distorts/Shift...
37. sinus.exe → Filters/Render/Pattern/Sinus...
38. tile-glass.exe → Filters/Artistic/Glass Tile...
39  threshold-alpha.exe → Layer/Transparency/Threshold Alpha...
40  unsharp-mask.exe → Filters/Enhance/Unsharp Mask...
41. value-propagate.exe → Filters/Distorts/Value Propagate...
42. video.exe → Filters/Distorts/Video...
43. whirl-pinch.exe →   Filters/Distorts/Whirl and Pinch...
44. waves.exe → Filters/Distorts/Waves...
45. wind.exe → Filters/Distorts/Wind...
B. Felimage Noise 0.1.1 Win_64bit (download: here.) 
C. GMIC-QT Win_64bit (minimum 2.9.9 or newer) (download: here.) 
D. MathMap Win_32bit (download: here.) 
E. Userfilter-0.9.7 Win_64bit (download: here.)  

Writing your own code takes some work - but it really isn't hard (and certainly easier than writing Your own plugin to achieve a similar effect).
Take a look at the methods given:
For plug-ins & scripts

You should get to know it first: Learn GEGL graph (Gimp Tutorials) by cli345.

You can also use another method based on the saved Gegl preset:

1. Set your parameters and save the preset:

2. Open the saved parameters (in this example: ...\filters\GimpGegl-gegl-emboss-config.settings)
 in a text editor and find the named Preset:


3. Save:
gegl_batch(image, layer, 'emboss type=bumpmap azimuth=325 elevation=55 depth=37')
 as a text file to the directory ... \plug-ins\Actions-Presets.

Also read Example custom code here

Ver. 1.1



- for 'MrQ Actions RPL Preview' add option LOAD & EDIT (for Windows in 'Notepad', for Linux 'kate'). You can edit to another in line 1113/1115 - but for these needs the simplest text editor is enough.
- replace: File to Load: (file selector) to Actions Presets: (select an action from the list).


Depending on the procedures used, the preview may fail - it has limitations, e.g. to resize or merge layers or related to the alpha channel (which does not mean that it will not work for 'MrQ Actions RPL' or will not be executed despite an error message for the Preview - after clicking OK).  

With Edit, You can: change the order, quickly disable the operation of a particular line (using #), change the value of individual parameters, insert another command.



If the file 'GimpCurvesConfig.settings' (in directory: filters) or the folder 'Actions-Presets' (in directory: plug-ins) does not exist - the plugin does not register in the menu or displays an error message when using (sorry, maybe I will fix it in the next version).

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Remove Background.

 MrQ Remove Background.

(MrQ Remove

Author: MareroQ
from preview - Claude Lion
and bookmarks - J.F. Garcia

Remove background (area with a uniform color).

In menu: Layer → Remove Background ...




# Initial point for select contiguous color.

This creates a contiguous selection over the specified image. A contiguous color selection is determined by a seed fill under the constraints of the current context settings. Essentially, the color at the specified coordinates (in the drawable x and y coordinate of initial point) is measured and the selection expands outwards from that point to any adjacent pixels which are not significantly different
(as determined by the Threshold & Sample criterion). This process continues until no more expansion is possible. If antialiasing is turned on, the final selection mask will contain intermediate values based on close misses to the threshold bar at pixels along the seed fill boundary.

# Antialias

If antialiasing is turned on, the edges of selected region will contain intermediate values which give the appearance of a sharper, less pixelized edge.

# Threshold

This procedure modifies the sample threshold setting. If an operation depends on the colors of the pixels present in a drawable, this setting controls what is "sufficiently close" to be considered a similar color.
If the sample threshold has not been set explicitly, the default threshold set in gimprc will be used.

# Sample criterion

This setting controls how color similarity is determined. SELECT_CRITERION_COMPOSITE is the default value.

# Feather

This procedure modifies the feathering setting. The selections will be blurred (the blur is a Gaussian blur; its rays can be controlled in the x and y directions).
If x and y = 0 blur not used.

# Grow

Specifies how deep it should work on the edges. Clean edges do not require more than one pixel. Try lower values first and increase the depth if necessary.

From this:

to the result:


Add options: "Mask $ Path"
Creates a copy from the active layer and a mask/path from an inverted deleted selection. If the mask creation option is enabled, the deletion preview will not be visible.


Saturday, September 25, 2021

Molten Material Rel.2.0 (with preview)

 Molten Material 


Author: Andi Clemens (TheGrudge)
- for preview: Claude Lion [cli345]
- update for Gimp 2.10, add Preview: MareroQ

In menu: Filters → Artistic → Molten material box...
Create random molten material out of the given image.

Example with default settings:

Sunday, September 19, 2021


MrQ Gimp-Batch

Ver.0.1 (19/09/2021)

Author: MareroQ
Contributors for operations GEGL in Python :

 Kevin Payne & Claude Lion

In menu: Tools -> Batch convert... 

For those who have trouble (or reluctance) to use Console or ImageMagic or you want to use GEGL filters (which the great BIMP does not yet support), this plug-in can make batch processing a little easier without needing to open files as a layers.

Plugin based on the idea of:

- TinTran Run Code on Visible Layers Script for GIMP   & here 


- Saul Goode (Sg-Combine-Bg.scm - popular for animation, watermark or signature).

Be careful of:
- the possibility of losing metadata due to the possibility of using three types of files (bmp, jpg, png - which type opens, it saves it),
- size and type of overlay file (usually png with alpha channel - e.g .: for watermark or signature),
- it is possible to overwrite files (without warning) so try to select "Output Folder" empty,
- for Gegl Recommended for reading: Learn GEGL graph (Gimp Tutorials) by cli345 ->

Example custom code:

# for PDB:

pdb.gimp_image_scale(image, 250, 250)

(comment: scale the image using the default interpolation method. New image width=250   New image height=250) 
pdb.plug_in_autocrop(image ,layer)
(comment: remove empty borders from the image)

# for script-fu: 

pdb.script_fu_fuzzy_border(image ,layer ,(255,255,255),16,1,4,0,100,0,1) 

pdb.script_fu_old_photo(image, layer, 1, 20, 1,0,0)

# for GEGL:     

gegl_batch(image, layer, "cubism");gegl_batch(image, layer, "alien-map") <=or=> gegl_batch(image, layer, "cubism alien-map")

Basic syntax:

gegl_batch(image, layer, 'operations')

List of operations with parameters here.

# for Python:

pdb.python_fu_foggify(image, layer, "", (240,180,70), 1,100);

pdb.gimp_image_merge_visible_layers(image, 0)

 comment: Plugin Fog finishes working with two layers you need to combine them - so you need to add a procedure pdb.gimp_image_merge_visible_layers

 # for G'MIC

pdb.plug_in_gmic_qt( image, layer,1,0,'samj_Angoisse 1,5,0,5,100,2,4,1,250')

You can combine these operations into one command (separating them with a semicolon).

Here is an example of creating fancy seamless patterns: 

pdb.plug_in_gmic_qt( image, layer,1,0,'deform 60.7');pdb.plug_in_gmic_qt( image, layer,1,0,'samj_Angoisse 1,5,0,5,100,2,4,1,250');pdb.gimp_image_scale(image, 250, 250);gegl_batch(image, layer,'tile-seamless')

Sample result:




How to use plugin (YouTube video) thanks 🙏 to Rich2005 - here.

  Ver.0.2 (23/09/2021)
 - bug fix for load bmp file,
 - add options: Change output extension.


  Ver.0.3 (02/10/2021)
Add options: Load all files Automatically Detected for Gimp without Raw files (it can be used as a converter of various types of files). 

Ver.0.4 (09/10/2021)
Add options: load Custom Code from file in the home directory: .../plug-ins/Actions-Presets/

How to create and use Actions-Presets see also here.
One of the ways to save the code: