Thursday, October 6, 2022

Animated Scene

(MrQ Animated
Author: MareroQ

Create a animated scene from fonts and image.
Recommended use fonts type dingbat.
This is a continuation of plugin development Halloween animated scene (without having to remove it).

In menu: Filters ➤ Animation ➤ Animated Text Scene...
You must have G'MIC installed.
-new plugin interface based on gimpfu3 by J.F.Garcia [arakne],
-more options for creating backgrounds,
-bumpmap and neon-glow as user selectable option. 


- added option to choose scaling for background loaded from file:"Scale Loaded Layer to Frames","Scale Frames to Loaded Layer",
- added option "Scale Animation (%)",
- added new type animation: "From Top to Bottom", "Explode",
- added option to Back and Front Text "Apply an additional decorative effect":["Camouflage","Canvas","Crystal","Cubism","Denim","Edge","Edge Neon","Edge Sobel","Engrave","Gradient Map","Mosaic","Pixelize","Plasma","Rainbow","Video Degradation"].

- small reorganization of gui,
- in addition to the 'Color', the text may be filled with a 'Pattern',
- added new type animation: "Raindrops", "Scanlines", "Wave", "Water",
- added new type Apply Effect(decorative): "Dirty", "Ministeck", "Super-Pixels Colors Average", "Super-Pixels Colors Random".







- added option to Front: "Create Front From": "Text" or "Loaded Selected Layer (with transparency)",
- added new type animation: "Rotation about Y axis", "Rotation about X axis".

 Front From Image (loaded layer)
(spider image by Lylejk)

 Rotation about X axis

 Rotation about Y axis

- added option to Back: "Create Back From": "Text" or "Load Selected Layer (with transparency)" or "Don't Use";
- for tab 'Background' replace "Load selected file" to "Load selected Layer" (opened in Gimp - more control to size);
- added new tab 'Overlay' (to apply a frame, signature or avatar). 

Example frame overlay

- for tab 'Back' added option Align: TOP, BOTTOM;
- for tab 'Overlay' added option Align: MIDDLE, TOP, BOTTOM, RIGHT, LEFT;
- added new type animation: Lava;
- added new type Apply Effect(decorative): Grid Cartesian, Grid Triangular.

 Align-Possible positions:

 Example Lava;


- for tab "Background" ➤"Resize Selected" added option: "Not Resize" -
when you want to create an animation of the size of the loaded layer (but the Back and Front dimensions must be smaller than the loaded layer!).
- added new type animation: "From Top-Left to Bottom-Right","From Top-Right to Bottom-Left".
Example From Top-Left to Bottom-Right: 
Example From Top-Right to Bottom-Left:
The order in which the frames are arranged:

 - added new type animation:"Hue Saturation Rotation", "Hue Chroma Rotation" inspired by Teapot


 - added new type animation:"Fading through Transparency", "Fading through a Rectangle", "Fading through a Ellipse"

Fading through Transparency

 Fading through a Rectangle

 Fading through a Ellipse

In menu: Filters ➤ Animation ➤ Animated Text Scene...

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