Friday, November 19, 2021

Pattern Editor Ver.9

 MrQ Pattern Editor.

(MrQ Pattern
Author : MareroQ

Rel 1:
Initial release

Edit active layer or pattern to create and save new patterns.
In menu: Edit → Pattern Editor...

Inspired script-fu scale-pattern by Rob Antonishen [RobA].

Codes used:
-  by Tin Tran.
- fu_preview (modificed gimpfu) by Claude Lion [aka cli345]
- gimfu3 with tabs by J.F.Garcia [arakne]
- gegl_command by Kevin Payne & Claude Lion [cli345].

Rel .2: 

- change initial preview to 512 px.
- add options SYMETRIZE  (usually requires a square size !).

Important Note:
If the initial layer used is larger than 512 px, the preview of the "New pattern" is not correct
 (because it is also scaled to the size of the preview). 

 Rel 3.
 - Change of order tab "Fill & Save"
 - add tab "Kaleidoscop"

Rel 4: 

 - add tab "G'MIC Array [Mirrored]"

Rel 5: 



- preview is disabled by default after running the plug-in;
- some tabs have been reorganized;
- bug fix "expected tile ack and received: 5" (now only if the active layer has an alpha channel);
- add tab "Color".


Rel 6: 

- bugfix for Rotate (angle) if selected "Pattern",
 - simplify the tab 'Symmetrize' and add information about the required parity for the side lengths of the layer,
 - supplementing the 'Help' tab.

Rel 7: 

- order of tab has been changed;
- effects added: "Alien Map","Camouflage","Canvas","Crystal","Cubism","Denim","Edge","Edge Neon","Edge Sobel","Engrave","Mosaic","Pixelize","Plasma","Rainbow","Value Invert","Video Degradation" and the ability to adjust their opacity;
- in the 'Symmetrize' tab a bug for Patterns with transparency has been fixed.

Rel 8: 

- to tab "Effect" add: Blend Mode, Brightness, Contrast.

 Plugin requires G'MIC.

Rel 9: 

 - to tab "Effect" add: Checkered:"From Colors Layer" or "From Palette" based on by Giuseppe Conte and by Tin Tran.

 Plugin requires G'MIC.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Smooth Transition

 Smooth Transition Threshold

 ( & preview)

Author: Tin Tran [aka: Tin, Tim, Trandoductin]

Preview engine: Claude Lion [aka: cli345]
Combine the above code: MareroQ
Source code: ( Ver.9) here.
Creates a layer mask in which converts a range of values to white and outside that range to black but also allows for smooth transition.
In menu: Layer → Mask → Smooth Transition...