Thursday, October 29, 2020

Python-fu: dialogs window shrink.

 This can be done in two ways:

1. With a scroll bar.

Solution author: Jazzon
For a description and more details read on GimpChat here

2. With a split into two columns:

Solution author: Andrei - B&P (Bytes and Pixels)
For a description and more details read on GimpChat here

The attachment on GimpChat in post # 89 is not working well for Gimp-2.10.


In the links provided, the authors explain how to edit (in a good text editor) the file - so you can easily do it yourself.
If for some reason you don't want to do it yourself - you can use the files in the attachments (the edited file comes from Gimp-2.10.22).

To make a change:
- turn off Gimp;
- find the file: \ lib \ gimp \ 2.0 \ python \ and archive it (useful if you want to restore the original version);
- replace this file with the downloaded one (after unpacking).

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

G'MIC QT Exercise

 G'MIC QT Exercise V-0.5

Author: MareroQ 

In the Gimp menu: Filters -> G'MIC QT Exercise ...

When I expanded the plugin's capabilities, I called it a different name - older versions (titled: File/Create/Logo/Logo G'mic ..) are here.

Is it possible to combine a "Logo" plug with an effect on the Image (or the so-called "Alpha to logo")?
This is an experimental version of this solution (you can choose: Text Logo or Image).

Now the number of basic combinations (without changing the color or pattern) is much larger (50 commands 1 x 50 commands 2 x 10 frame types) = 25,000 combinations.
Probably no one will test a large number of combinations - but if there are any interesting ones, just keep them.
In order not to lose the interesting combination of 3 settings (command 1, command 2 and frame type) are saved as information in a separate layer.
Additionally, these 3 settings can be selected randomly.
Applying the same parameters to a logo and image can produce very different results.

A few comparisons:

Randomly generated:

Not every combination will give an interesting effect.
Knowing the input filters, now you have to look for more interesting settings (because in this plugin almost all filters are set to default values)directly in GMIC...

28/10/2020 - some samj filters were corrected (because "_en" was removed from the name)

 Rel 0.6.

( 14/07/2023)
- added tabs,
- updated routines for Gmic-QT +3.2.6,
- added new GMIC filters (now 80 command),
- rename layer to descriptive

Ver.0.1 P
 ( 14/07/2023)
For faster combination testing, I added a separate version with a 'Preview'. The command numbers are according to the MrQ G'MIC-QT (Ver.0.6) plugin.

Im menu: Filters ➤ GMIC-QT Exercise P... 

Ver.0.2 P
 ( 15/07/2023)
- added new options: "Mode", "Opacity", "Info visible? ",
- added the ability to use only one command,
- added the HELP tab. 


Sunday, October 25, 2020

Pocholo's Thanksgiving Turkey Card

 Author: Pocholo

Create A Unique Thanksgiving Turkey Card - Gobble Gobble Gobble!

Image by Pocholo

Menu Location: <Image> Pocholo-scripts/Thanksgiving

Friday, October 23, 2020

Elsamuko Scripts Pack 05

Elsamuko Scripts Pack 05

Author: El Samuko [aka elsamuko]
adaptation to Gimp-2.10: MareroQ

Artificial sunshine effect

Simulating Technicolor Film

Simulating Technicolor Film

Turns a B&W image into a split tone image ((c) Harry Phillips)

Creating a Puzzle of white balanced pieces 


Elsamuko Scripts Pack 04

 Elsamuko Scripts Pack 04

Author: El Samuko [aka elsamuko]
adaptation to Gimp-2.10: MareroQ

Shadow Style Portrait

Simulating the border of the first overexposed picture of a film

Photochrom effect from 1890

After rain effect

Simulating a complete exposed film strip

Elsamuko Scripts Pack 03

 Elsamuko Scripts Pack 03
Author: El Samuko [aka elsamuko]
adaptation to Gimp-2.10 and compile Calc Saturation for Gimp-2.10_Win_64bit: MareroQ

Do a lomo effect on image

Simulation of a 70s vintage look ((c) Michael Maier)

Color effect from the movie 300

Simulating high quality photos

This filter reduces the saturation in high saturated areas.
Needs the elsamuko-saturation plugin (Colors/Components/Calc Saturation)

Calc Saturation