Sunday, October 11, 2020

Userfilter-0.9.7 Win_64bit


Authors: Jens Ch. Restemeier, Torsten Neuer 


User Guide.pdf (shared by Lylejk):

Now you can easily locate the filter.
Some filters will not show the effect unless you change their settings.
If it still doesn't work - remove it.

The selected filters are saved in two places (you may need to give write permission):
- in the filter itself (linia 21: Registered=true or Registered=false)
- in the userfilterrc (in home directory) file.

Also remove the filters, the effect of which is not satisfactory for you (because if you spend 1 minute on 1 filter, you will run out of a day ...😏)

The filter collection file contains 2376 filters.

The new filters published for the first time are (117 filters):

David Blend Filters
Enki's filters
Graphics Plus
Tronds Filters 



 Collection 2376 filters


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