Monday, October 5, 2020

Script-Fu Scrolling Interface For GIMP 2.10.22 Win_64bit

 Script-Fu Scrolling Interface For GIMP 2.10.22 Win_64bit


 Without this solution, You will have problems handling very complex scripts.
This great solution devised by GnuTux ( poses problems for some users: they think that because of this modification some scripts stop displaying in menus or they suddenly work wrong.

In my opinion (because I have never found any such problem) the reasons are different:

1. Improper installation (this version should replace ... \ lib \ gimp \ 2.0 \ plug-ins \ script-fu \ scrit-fu.exe after backing up the original).

Another possible error related to this: If you pack the original file (in the scriptu-fu folder) into 7z script-fu will not work.



Gimp tries to load all files (alphabetically) - so you'd better keep a copy of the original script-fu elsewhere. 

The wrong file in the wrong place is always a possible big trouble for Gimp to run.

2. Wrong version (e.g. 32 bit installed with Gimp_64bit or compiled for Gimp-2.8version used with Gimp-2.10)

3. Unaware that a lot of scripts that worked in Gimp-2.8 may not work in Gimp-2.10.

4. Duplicates installed in Gimp.

5. Gimp installation with debug option.
I can not confirm - because I do not use (only from information from others).
This is only for those looking to report bugs on Gimp.
99.9% of users will never use it (and this extra option takes around 120Mb and may slow down Gimp - it depends on PC performance)

 6. Other, unlikely reasons (related to the system version or type of computer hardware) are possible - then you can safely restore the original plug-in file from the backup.


Compiled for Gimp-2.10.22 Win_64bit: MareroQ

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