Sunday, December 27, 2020

Diego's Drawing Style F

 Author: Diego

Create A Cool Drawing In GIMP Using Diego's Drawing Style F

Images by Diego

Menu Location: <Image>/Diego/Drawing

More examples on GimpChat:
in Gimp Scripts and Plugins and Gimp Art.

Diego's Drawing Style I

 Author: Diego

Create A Cool Drawing Using Diego's Style I

Images by Diego

Menu Location: <Image>/Diego/Drawing

More examples on GimpChat:
in Gimp Scripts and Plugins and Gimp Art.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Calendar Generator V-0.1 Win_64bit


Author: Dominik Urbański [aka: humcio]

In Menu: Filters -> Render -> CalendarGenerator

The most advanced calendar maker for Gimp. You can load a style (16 versions to choose from) or create your own and save it.


Calendar with Image Ver. 0.4

 Authors: Javi Pacheco and R. Brizard [modification: MareroQ]

In Menu:
Filters -> Render -> Calendar with Image...

 This is a Python plug-in, written initially in Spanish by Mr Javier Pacheco, which from an image creates a standard complete month calendar. It has been translated in English and modified by R. Brizard.


SG Calendar

Author: Saul Goode [fix up for Gimp 2.10 - MareroQ]

The script written by Saul Goode adds layers to an image which overlay the active layer with dates and a grid of lines producing a calendar for the specified month or generating a calendar for the entire year using various languages (note that only the language of the rendered calendar is changed, the script's interface itself will still be in English). It is not so much intended to create a complete calendar, but to be used as a tool in creating calendars.
A more thorough description of the script can be found by this visiting.

 In Menu: Filters / Render / Calendar...
                 Filters / Render / Calendar Year...

Languages: "English","German","Italian","Spanish","French","Hungarian","Polish","Russian","Serbian latin","Serbian cyrilic","Croatian","Slovenian","Macedonian","Swedish","Catalan".



Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Qbist - bigger preview


 Authors: Jörn Loviscach, Jens Ch. Restemeier

In menu: Filters / Render / Pattern / Qbist...

It generates modern art pictures (a huge variety of abstract patterns) from a random genetic formula.


 Example: background - Qbist, inscription - Fiery Beveled Flaming.scm

 Compiled for Gimp-2.10.22 Win_64bit: MareroQ


How to install this plugin version:

- find the appropriate file (\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins\qbist\qbist.exe) and make a copy of it
(a good solution is to package the file in the same location).

- replace found file with downloaded one.

Exploding Logo Ver.0.2

 Exploding Logo Ver.0.2 for Gimp 2.10 [exploding.scm ]

Author: Stefan Stiasny
[modification: MareroQ]

Creates exploding logos.

In menu: File / Create / Logos / Exploding...

This script requires two plugs to work:
- blur-gauss.exe
- displace.exe


Space Text Rel 0.01

Space Text Rel 0.01 for Gimp 2.10 [Space Text.scm]

Author: Graechan

The script creates a nice outer space looking text logo.        

In menu: File/Create/Logos/Space Text...

Frost Crystals Rel 0.03

 Frost Crystals Rel 0.03 for Gimp 2.10 [Frost Crystals.scm]
Author: Graechan 

Frost crystals effect from a tutorial here.

In menu: File / Create / Logos/Frost Crystals...
               Filters / Alpha To Logo / Frost Crystals...



Fire Ver.2.0

 Fire Ver.2.0 for Gimp 2.10

Author: Kiki [
modification: MareroQ]
Create Fire Logo.

In menu: File/Create/Logos/Fire...
               Filters/Alpha To Logo/Fire...



Fiery Beveled Flaming Ver.1.2

 Fiery Beveled Flaming Ver.1.2 for Gimp 2.10    

Author: LightningIsMyName (LIMN) [modification: MareroQ]
Make a beveled fiery logo.

In menu: File/Create/Logos/Fiery Beveled Flaming Text...
               Filters/Alpha To Logo/Fiery Beveled Flaming...

Result 1:
Result 2 = repeating on result 1:
Result 3 = repeating on result 2 and adding background:


Sunday, December 13, 2020

Frosty Logo V-2.0.

 Frosty-logo V-2.0 for Gimp-2.10 (frosty-logo.scm)

Authors: Spencer Kimball & Ed Mackey [modification: MareroQ]

Create frozen text logo (or alpha) with an added drop shadow.

In menu: File / Create / Logos / Frosty...
In menu: Filters /Alpha To Logo / Frosty...

Requires a brush "Circle Fuzzy (11)"

This script has been removed from Gimp-2.10 due to "extremely poor graphics quality". 👀