Thursday, July 29, 2021


 MrQ BoxText Ver.1.


 Author: MareroQ

Contributors (their codes have been implanted):
Claude Lion [cli345], J.F. Garcia [arakne],
Ofnuts, Kevin Payne, Tin Tran, Pocholo, Skinnyhouse.

Combine multiple text editing options into one plugin.

 In menu: Filters → Text → BoxText ...

 More information here. (GimpChat)

 MrQ BoxText Ver.2.



 add Style for Gegl Long Shadow,

add Tab "Bend",
add Miter Limit & Shape Rendering for Stroke Line.

Note for Bend.

Very, very experimental. You will often get an error:

Limit the use (don't use) of other Transformations and change font size and distance.
You can also check out the thread on GimpChat here.

Note for Stroke Line.

This creates svg files in the "tmp" directory.
You can choose to delete them however entry in 'Document History' you must delete manually (Icon:'Remove the selected entry').

 Cap Style.

Join Style.



Indicates that the shall make appropriate tradeoffs to balance speed, crisp edges and geometric precision, but with geometric precision given more importance than speed and crisp edges.

Indicates that the shall emphasize rendering speed over geometric precision and crisp edges. This option will sometimes cause the to turn off shape anti-aliasing.

Indicates that the shall attempt to emphasize the contrast between clean edges of artwork over rendering speed and geometric precision. To achieve crisp edges, the might turn off anti-aliasing for all lines and curves or possibly just for straight lines which are close to vertical or horizontal. Also, the might adjust line positions and line widths to align edges with device pixels.

Indicates that the shall emphasize geometric precision over speed and crisp edges.

Miter Limit.

The stroke-miterlimit property is used to represent the limit on the ratio of the miter length to the stroke-width, that is used to draw a miter join.
This property is used in situations when the miter extends beyond the thickness of the line.
If this limit specified is exceeded, the ‘miter’ type of the join is converted to ‘bevel’.
This will crop the connecting point perpendicular to the join, instead of a sharp join.
If the miter length divided by the stroke width exceeds the stroke-miterlimit then for the value:

Miter - the join is converted to a bevel;
Miter-clip - the miter is clipped by a line perpendicular to the line bisecting the angle between the two path segments at a distance of half the value of miter length from the intersection of the two path segments.

Information & images from Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)2 here.

 MrQ BoxText Ver.3.



-add efect 3D by tutorial PixLab:

-preview is disabled by default after running the plug-in .

 MrQ BoxText Ver.3.1



-add Colorize, Brightness and Contrast to tab "3 D"

 MrQ BoxText Ver.4.



-rename tab '3 D' to '3 D Offset'
-add a new tab: '3D Motion'


 MrQ BoxText Ver.4.1.



-add option: 'Move blur center by X/Y px.(from center of image)' for tab '3D Motion'

 MrQ BoxText Ver.4.2.



-add option: "An overlay from a file (scaled to image size)" to tab 'Fill';
-bug fixes.

 MrQ BoxText Ver.4.3.



-add option "Change  Case" for tab 'TEXT'

Options "Change  Case":

"lowercase" - lowercase text;
"UPPERCASE" - uppercase text;
"Capitalize" - first capital letter;
"Title" - the first letter of each word is capitalized;
"Swapcase" - Changes lowercase to uppercase, uppercase to lowercase.


 MrQ BoxText Ver.4.4.



-fixed bugs for "Bend" and "Long Shadow" when using '3 D Offset' or '3D Motion'

 MrQ BoxText Ver.5.0.



 add option:
- 'Zoom in on first letter' for tab 'TEXT' (pseudo Vintage fonts by Heritage Type),
- Emboss type Bumpmap and opacity for tab 'Groov'.

 MrQ BoxText Ver.5.1.



Reorganization of the "Fill" tab ➤ add Effect:

"Avarage Color","Canvas","Cubism","Edge","Edge-Neon", "Edge-Sobel", "Engrave","Gradient Map","Mosaic", "Pixelize","Plasma","Value-invert","Video Degradation".


 MrQ BoxText Ver.5.2.



-add options: Vertical TEXT to tab "Bend" 

 MrQ BoxText Ver.5.3.



-reorganization of the "Groove" tab - add BumpMap,
-added 2 new style envelope (in the Bend tab): '/\/\' and '\/\/' (now 324 possible combinations).


 MrQ BoxText Ver.6.0



-reorganization of the "Stroke Path" tab - add by Ofnuts.

The embedded code does not conflict with the original version

Parameters gradient-along-path

  • Width: this is the total width in pixels of the stroke (width/2 on each side of the path).
  • Reverse gradient: if false, the gradient is mapped inside-out, if true, it is mapped outside-in.
  • Precision: the precision of the rendering. The Fine renderings make each stroke smaller than its predecessor by one pixels (.5 pixel each side). The settings are currently : .5, 1, 2, and 5 pixels. High precision require more stroking passes.
  • Caps style, Join style and Miter limit: these are the stroke line options. The value of Current means that the script will use whatever value is currently set in Gimp. The Miter limit setting is used only if the Join style is explicitly set to Miter.


 MrQ BoxText Ver.6.1



add Waves: "Sine","Ellipse","Circle","Square","Triangle" by Ofnuts (must be installed independently - attached).

 MrQ BoxText Ver.6.2



-reorganization of the "Stickerify" tab.

 MrQ BoxText Ver.6.3



-increase the number of colors to 7 in the "Stickerify" tab and set the default to rainbow colors,
-reorganization of the ' 3 D Blur' &' 3 D Offset' tab to one tab " 3 D",
-remove Colorize, Brightness and Contrast from tab "3 D".


 MrQ BoxText Ver.6.4



-add Effect: Crystal, Denim, Rainbowify (tab: Fill)
-add a choice of what to use the 3D effect for: 'Fill Layer', 'Stroke Active Brush (if used)', 'Gradient along path (if used)'.


 MrQ BoxText Ver.7.0



-add tab BRL based: Custom_Font_Bevel_Reflect_BRL_1_6_V_109_Tabbed by Skinnyhouse

REQUIRED: MLBevelReflect2 (for Windows in the attachment).


 Example Emap (14 Mb)

You can find more Environment Map here. (Gimp Chat)

You can find more gradients here. (Gimp Chat)

To create your own Emaps You can use: 

Enviromap.scm  (Ver.1.5a)

Author: GnuTux
In menu: Filters ➤ Render ➤ Environment Map...

More information about the script here. (Gimp Chat)

 MrQ BoxText Ver.7.1



- add Thickness for font (trim | thicken) to tab TEXT,
- add 'Create Emap Type' to tab BRL. 

Follow Path Ver.6

 Follow Path.

 Author: J.F.Garcia [aka: arakne]

Plugin replicate a layer on a path.

In menu: Vectors → Tools → Follow Path...

Follow-path5: here.

Minor changes in this version introduced by MareroQ:
- fix plugin theme,
- changing the color of the preview (from white to blue) for better visibility,
- combine gimpfu3 with follow-path into one code,
- fixed random crop (along x axis): removed auto crop option,
- add information about the plugin (new Help tab).

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Create Ofn-tartan with preview.

 Create Ofn Tartan. 


Claude Lion [aka: cli345]
Created a preview engine: fu_preview V. 0.1.1 here.

Combine the above codes.


Ver. 0.3 with preview.

 In menu: Filters → Render → Pattern → Create Tartan...

Discussion here:

 Scottish fabric

 Tartan (a.k.a. plaid) cloth in a few easy steps (tutorial)


Download the original version here

This plugin generates tartan patterns. It follows this description on Wikipedia.

Code fu_preview is built in with an additional size & experimental scrollbar.

Ver. 0.3 with preview:

Ver. 0.4 with preview & tabs

 Add tabs to make more clear the interface: PF_TAB and PF_TITLE based by code J.F.Garcia [aka: arakne] (in follow-path5 code: here).


Ver. 0.4 with preview & tabs:


Ver. 0.5 with preview.

PixLab on GimpLearn presented classic Tartan-MacLeod-of-Lewis.

Requires precise width and color:

color1(16 px)= black 101010
color2( 4 px)= golden poppy E8C000
color3(32 px)= black 101010
color4(48 px)= golden poppy E8C000
color5( 4 px)= freedom red C80000
In fact = 104 px.

Previous versions it only allowed to create a certain initial size width=100 px (square seamless pattern=200 px).
The limit to 256 px has been changed (and the end width of the square seamless pattern is 2*the maximum size of the "End" item).


Ver. 0.6 with preview.


Fix the error for odd values: limit the acceptable values of START - END to even values.

Ver. 0.7 with preview.

Fixed: "Fill active layer", removed deprecated procedure (pdb.gimp_image_add_layer pdb.gimp_image_insert_layer)