Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Symmetry diagonal


Author: MareroQ

In menu GIMP:
Filters->Distorts->Symmetry->Symmetry by diagonal...

Symmetry of the SQUARE (only) according to mirror, diagonals & fill mirror edge. Creates new image. If you repeat the plug several times, you can get a seamless pattern.

This plugin is a combination of codes and idea based by code:

- Tin Tran ""

- Ofnuts ""

Version 0.3 with built-in preview

Author engine Preview ( fu_preview_v 0.1) : Claude Lion [aka: cli345]
More information here.

Methods to increase the preview:

1. Disable preview.
2. Drag the corner.
3. Turn on the preview again.


You can get better functionality with the MrQ Pattern Editor.

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