Saturday, January 30, 2021

Line Border 2 Ver.2.5

 Line Border 2 for Windows

Author: Marián Kyral "mkyral" [minor modification for Win&Gimp-2.10: MareroQ]
In menu: Filters / Decor / Borders  /Line border 2
Author's website here.

Another plugin (multi-part) for Windows that "suffered" when changing with Gimp-2.8 (python MSC) to Gimp-2.10 (python GCC).

A plugn to create a border around an image. Border can contains additional lines (inner and outer). 

Size of lines and distance to image/border can be set independently.

Current features:
- All sizes could be specified in pixels or percents
- Border corners and lines corners could be rounded
- Multiple lines of text
- Different font for eeach text
- Texts coud be also placed on left, right or upper border
- A watermark support (text or logo).


Example images by Marián Kyral:

Extract the contents of the zip-file into your own, local plug-ins directory.

Contents zip-file:
================= (old name:
LineBorder \
    |              \
    |              \
    |              \
    |              \
    |              \

When Gimp starts, it creates four additional files with a *.pyc (in LineBorder) extension & LineBorder.cfg (in local Gimp directory)

Friday, January 29, 2021

IndexPrint Ver.3.34

 IndexPrint for Windows

Author: Elmar Sullock Enzlin  "moroquendo" [minor modification for Win&Gimp-2.10: MareroQ]
In menu: File --> Indexprint

Author's website here.

Indexprint is a python script that generates an indexprint or contactsheet containing a configurable number of images.
If there are more images than fits on the page, new contactsheets are created.
Also, the image name to the images can be printed.

Extract the contents of the zip-file into your own, local plug-ins directory.

Contents zip-file
indexprint  \
    |             \
    |             \
    |             \   
    |             \config                           #storing the configuration
    |             \errorlog                         #stores the (error) messages

When Gimp starts, it creates two additional files with a .pyc extension.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Pocholo's Create A Valentine Day Card Version 2

 Author: Pocholo

Create A Valentine Day Card

Image by Pocholo
Menu Location: Pocholo-scripts

Pocholo's Carved Plastic Or Chrome Text Plugin

 Author: Pocholo

Create Carved Plastic Or Chrome Text Effects

Images by Pocholo
Menu Location:  Pocholo-scripts

Diego's Drawing Style N

 Author: Diego

Create Stunning Drawing Images With GIMP Using Style N

The main drawing effect used in this filter is G'mic Brushify.
To the strokes the user can apply one of these nuances:

Images by Diego
Menu Location: <Image> Diego/Drawing

Diego's Drawing Style M

 Author: Diego

Create Stunning Drawing Images Using Style M

Images by Diego
Menu Location: <Image> Diego/Drawing

Diego's Drawing Style G

 Author: Diego

Create Stunning Drawings Using Style G

Images by Diego
Menu Location:  <Image> Diego/Drawing

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Color Selective Blur 0.6.2 Win_64bit

 Color Selective Blur [colorblur.exe]


Author: Tibor Bamhor [aka: tiborb95]
In menu: Filters → Blur → Color Selective Blur

Source & homepage here.

Author's description:

"... Gimp plugin that selectively blurs the color information (both hue and saturation) and optionally brightness in image.
There are about three basic scenarios / reasons to use this: * saturating poorly saturated images * denoising noisy images * creating cartoon-like images.
The plugin blurs selectively, and a side effect is that it "sharpens" transitions between two colors.
The plugin have three basic outputs - blur color only, blur also brightness (~cartoon mode, with two variants) and creation of lines..."

Compilation by Samj here.

Same plugin version compiled in two different orientations:

1. Orientation VERTICAL:

2. Orientation HORIZONTAL:

 Compiled for Gimp-2.10.22 Win_64bit: MareroQ

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Diego Easy Voronoi

 Easy Voronoi  []

Author: Diego Nassetti "dinasset"
In menu: Diego → Quantize → Easy Voronoi...

Author's description:

Applies textures (Voronoi textures) randomly to the color areas: no sophisticated research into applying the best texture with color or lume; it's a little filter.
Therefore, the results are sometimes good and sometimes worse (depending on the texture selected by the filter for each area).
Give it a try if you like.

The attachment also includes (~17 MB) a starting set of 55 patterns (png) "Voronoi_Diego" + 32 patterns (jpg) "Voronoi_Issa"; as usual, you can add/remove whatever you want.

Lots of examples here.


Monday, January 18, 2021

Voronoi Ver.2.2 Bigger Preview Win_64bit

 Voronoi [voronoi.exe]

Author: David Necas "Yeti"
In menu: Filters → Render → Pattern → Voronoi...
Sources: here.



Technically, Voronoi generates 2D Voronoi diagrams of various semi-random sets of points and then visualizes them somehow.

What are Voronoi diagrams

Imagine a finite set of points in some metric space (or just just normal n-dimensional space, if you don't know much about metric spaces).
If you now take any point of the space, there definitely exists a point of the set which is closest to this point.
This way the set breaks the space to parts, (called cells below) each consisting of points nearest to a one point of the set.
This division is what is called Voronoi diagram of the set (roughly).

 Cell type:

Compiled for Gimp-2.10.22 Win_64bit: MareroQ

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Color Clip

 Color Clip []

 Author: khalim19
In menu: Colors  /Color Clip...

Color Clip darkens/brightens a given percentage of the darkest/brightest pixels in a drawable.
The drawable can be a layer, layer mask or a channel.

Color Clip works similarly to the Normalize in GIMP-2.8 (Colors -> Auto -> Normalize) removed from Gimp-2.10 - but available here: # 10 "contrast-normalize.exe", except that the black and white clip percentages are adjustable.
In fact, Color Clip with the percentages set to 0% achieves the same effect as Normalize.


Color Grading Ver.1.7.5

 Color Grading []

Author: John Lakkas [johnlak]
In menu: Colors / Color Grading...
Author's website here.

One of the few Python plugins (gtk) that offers a preview (even in two modes: Size: L or S).
Additionally, you can save your selected settings (a file is created : colorgrading.profiles in the plug-ins directory) and load the selected one.
Color Grading plug-in, creates a cine image look based on user input.
For a contemporary image look, use complimentary colors in shadows and highlights.
It is also preferable to be used on a somewhat neutral image (ie pre white balanced) for best control of the final result.
If it's not a raw image balance it before with Color Balance 2.

The Color Grading plug-in is also available in GMIC

In GMIC you will find it under: Colors, Color Grading.

Changelog Version: 1.7.5
MrQ: add "path" to Gimp Samj portable.


For normal installation copy to folder plug-ins:

These files are interrelated in the plug-in and a different location will cause a malfunction.



- GIMP 2.8: Copy appropriate files in:
    Vista and later     C:\Users\[USER]\.gimp-2.8\plug-ins
    XP and older     c:\Documents and Settings\[USER]\.gimp-2.8\plug-ins
- GIMP 2.10: Copy appropriate files in:
    Vista and later     C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\plug-ins
- Portable Samj:
- PortableApps:
    X stands for the USB drive letter

Python installation:
- Python usually ships with the OS so no manual installation is needed.
- GIMP 2.8: Copy appropriate files in:
- GIMP 2.10: Copy appropriate files in:
- Make sure .py file is marked as executable.

Color Balance 2 Ver.1.6

 Color Balance 2 []

Author: John Lakkas [johnlak]
In menu: Colors / Color Balance 2
Author's website here.

Color balance 2 plug-in can be useful to add or remove color tints in shadows,
midtones and highlights, while preserving the image luminosity.
One of the few Python (gtk) plugins  that offers a preview (even in two modes: Size: L or S).
Copy file in plug-ins folder.

Cool Effects scripts by John Lakkas

 Cool Effects  by John Lakkas (package of 5 scripts)


Author: John Lakkas [aka:johnlak]

In memu:
Colors / Cool effects / Cool Look
Colors / Cool effects / Cool Look 2
Colors / Cool effects / Cool Manual Lens
Colors / Cool effects / Cool-Warm
Colors / Cool effects / Manual Lens

Cool Effects requires YUV Temperature plugin by elsamuko -> here

Manual-lens_filter.scm & cool-manual-lens_filter.scm

This script changes the color balance and brightens up the image to imitate images taken with Manual/Classic/Vintage lenses.
Below you will find two versions of the script one with Manual lens only (Manual-lens_filter) and one with Manual lens and Cool Manual lens (Cool-manual-lens_filter).

Cool-look_filter.scm & cool-look2_filter.scm

This is a bundle of two filters with similar action. The first one (Cool Look) is cooling the white balance of all tones while boosting red tones saturation, somewhat imitating Nikon look.
The second (Cool Look 2) one is cooling only the dark tones while boosting red saturation only in the brighter tones, imitating a generic non aggressive cinematic color grading,
ideal for scenes with darkish background and people in the brighter tones.


Cool-Warm filter is creating two new layers one with warmer colors and one with cooler colors. It's purpose is to add to the top cool layer a mask and then paint the areas you would like to warm and the ones to be cool.
Useful for environmental portraits.