Friday, October 23, 2020

Font Dingbat Symbol Display (New V-0.2).

 Font Dingbat Symbol Display V.0.1.

Author: MareroQ

In menu Gimp: Filters/Text/Font Dingbat Symbol Display...

Displays (font table) Dingbat fonts in a table (font) with the specified number of columns with the corresponding keyboard character (text).
Decorative dingbat fonts range from a few (eg Zodiac 02.ttf = 12) to several dozen images (eg Zapf Dingbats Bt.ttf = 92).
May complement "Map to Gimp".

A plug based on:
- Original idea from Graechan's Symbol Display.scm (available here: GimpScriptsCom Pack 10 item: 192).
- by Ofnuts (embedded code).



  Font Dingbat Symbol Display V.0.2.
Rel 0.2: New options: Add a keyboard key? [Yes/No], national charters by Skinnyhouse:("French","German","Italian","Polish","Spanish")

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