Friday, October 9, 2020

Cropping and Slicing a Path V.08 (NEW!)

 Cropping and Slicing a Path V.02 

Author: Markku Koppinen [aka Ottia Tuota

Two very useful functions - now not only in Inkscape.😊

A very useful plugin has been made available on the autor website and more information is available gimp-forum here.

Four Gimp plugins to crop or slice paths.

To find the plugins in Gimp, go to the Paths tab and right-click the path you are going to crop or slice. 

This opens a pop-up window.
At the bottom follow the link:
Tools -> Cropping and slicing -> ...  and choose:

    Crop path by circle
    Crop path by convex polygon
    Crop path by general selection
    Crop path by rectangle
    Slice path by guides
    Slice path by lines

All images by the plugin author.


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