Tuesday, October 27, 2020

G'MIC QT Exercise

 G'MIC QT Exercise V-0.1

Author: MareroQ 

In the Gimp menu: Filters -> G'MIC QT Exercise ...

When I expanded the plugin's capabilities, I called it a different name - older versions (titled: File/Create/Logo/Logo G'mic ..) are here.

Is it possible to combine a "Logo" plug with an effect on the Image (or the so-called "Alpha to logo")?
This is an experimental version of this solution (you can choose: Text Logo or Image).

Now the number of basic combinations (without changing the color or pattern) is much larger (50 commands 1 x 50 commands 2 x 10 frame types) = 25,000 combinations.
Probably no one will test a large number of combinations - but if there are any interesting ones, just keep them.
In order not to lose the interesting combination of 3 settings (command 1, command 2 and frame type) are saved as information in a separate layer.
Additionally, these 3 settings can be selected randomly.
Applying the same parameters to a logo and image can produce very different results.

A few comparisons:

Randomly generated:

Not every combination will give an interesting effect.
Knowing the input filters, now you have to look for more interesting settings (because in this plugin almost all filters are set to default values)directly in GMIC...

28/10/2020 - some samj filters were corrected (because "_en" was removed from the name)

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