Wednesday, October 7, 2020

GC Lens Flare

 Author: Graechan

Create Multiple Lens Flares 

Flare Color> color of flares and flash
Flash Size> size of central flash
Flare size> height of flares
Flare taper length> length of flare tapers
Left Flare Adj (percent)> adj length of left flare
Right Flare Adj (percent)> adj length of right flare
Flare Smooth> Adj to taste
Glow Size> size of inner flash
Glow opacity> opacity of inner flash
Display Path Information> option to display information on Path,
Note! if selection is used it is converted to path for Stroking e.t.c 

Images by Graechan
Menu Location: Filters/Light and Shadow/GC Lens-Flare

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