Monday, October 12, 2020

Voronoi Stippler 0.2 (New)

 Voronoi Stippler 0.1

Author: MareroQ

In menu Gimp: Filters/Edge-Detect/Voronoi Stippler...

This plugin requires you to copy 3 files to the Gimp bin folder:
- stippler.dll
- vcomp100.dll
- voronoi-stippler.exe.

Voronoi should be placed in the plug-ins directory.

The release of this plugin was waiting for a path circle distortion bug to be fixed.

Due to a bug in Gimp [], this plugin will not work well in Gimp 2.10.X -  2.10.20.

 It was not until Gimp-2.10.22 that this bug was fixed.

You can find more information about Voronoi-Stippler here:
Older solutions:


No unequivocal solution in between desired quality at the expense of longer render times.

--stipples -s
The number of stipple points to render. Generally speaking, the larger the number of stipples, the more detailed the resulting output image,
at the expense of longer render times. Defaults to 4000.

--threshold -t
The cut-off point for the convergence of the stippled output. The unit of this value is the averaged displacement of all stipple points after an iteration of Llyod’s method.
That is, if the averaged displacement is lower than this value, then the rendering process has finished.
After each iteration of the rendering process, the expectation is that the stipple points have moved closer to their ideal spot.
Generally speaking, the lower this value, the less noisy the rendering will be (a desirable quality) at the expense of longer render times.
As a rule of thumb, the more stipple points there are, the lower this value should be, but lots of fiddling is necessary to get an ideal outcome. Defaults to 0.1.

--no-overlap -n
Guarantees that stipple points will not overlap each other at the expense of some tone preservation. Defaults to OFF.

--sizing-factor -z
The radius of each stipple point will be multiplied by this factor. Use this parameter to control the tone preservation quality of the output image. Defaults to 1.0.

--subpixels -p
Controls the tile size of centroid computations. Theoretically, higher values produce more faithful tone preservation at the expense of rendering speed,
but real world outcomes are highly variable. Defaults to 5.

Important information.

1. Unfortunately you have to choose the waiting time for closing the console - but experimentally.

2. A temporary (voronoi.png) and rendered (voronoi.svg) file is saved in the bin directory (and overwritten the next time the plugin is used).
This solution (saving the file) is also proposed by Samj in the Gegl thread:
This is the simplest solution to the problem of not accepting spaces and national characters in a file name or directory path.
If Gimp is installed on the "C" drive, accessing the "bin" directory probably needs to be changed (you must grant write permission).
How to do it?
Lots of tutorials on the topic, including:
Access to Windows 10 is denied

Does not apply to portable versions - there are no write restrictions.



Ver 0.2  (17/10/2020)
Add options:
1. Copy svg file to another directory.
2. Internalization: for of translating into any language ("Voronoi Stippler.po" file is included).
    After you translate (in Gedit) you can send me your file and I will join the download.

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