Sunday, September 25, 2022

Halloween Animated Scene

 (MrQ Halloween animated

Author: MareroQ

This plugin was inspired by the three Pocholo plugins: located here: located here: located here:

In menu: Filters ➤ Animation ➤ Halloween animated scene...

Create a halloween (although it all depends on the font type dingbat used) animated scene.
For halloween recommended use font Trick or Treat (free for non-commercial uses).
You must have G'MIC installed.
 Scroll bar for Python plugins here.

(Initial relase)

-added new type animation: "Sliding","Ripple & Sliding", "Crease". 


"Ripple & Sliding"



-added new type animation:"Shrink","Rotate",
-added new options "Reverse Frames" and efect "Ping-Pong".


 "Shrink + Ping-Pong"


-added new type animation: "Deform","Edges on Fire","Typewriter" (using code by Tin Tran,
bug fix (06/10/2022) for animationplay (invalid ID for argument 'drawable').


"Edges on Fire"


Note: the plugin will be continued soon as an MrQ Animated Scene.

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