Sunday, September 13, 2020

Rays Of Light Text Effect Rel. 1

 Author: Tin Tran

Create Rays of Light effect behind text.

1. Start with a SQUARE image (900x900 to be consistent with tutorial if you'd like).
2. Create Text/Shapes on a top layer.
3. Select this Text/Shapes layer, run script, select Zoomlength, and "OK" to run script.
4. It'll generate 2 new layers underneath your Text/Shapes layer called "Glow" and "Screen".
5. Optional Step. You can duplicate the "Glow" layer, set the copy to Screen on top of "Glow" layer, and merge down to make the effect stronger.
6. Optional Step. You can then colorize the "Glow" layer. Enjoy.
Image by Tin Tran
Menu location: <Image>/Python-Fu/Rays Of Light

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