Sunday, September 13, 2020

Bevel Reflect Logo v1.7

 Author: GnuTux (modifications by MareroQ)

Bevel Reflect Logo is, by far, the most popular Logo Effect tool for Text. Widely used and recommended, and requires a second script (ML Bevel Reflect) in order to work. The link to BRL will be provided, and the second link will take you back to the old GimpScripts via the Wayback Machine. Be sure to "read" and download the appropriate script for your particular system. Any complications will require that you seek assistance/help via  None will be offered here.

Images by GnuTux
BRL Ver.1.7
Menu locations: 
Filters → Alpha to Logo → Bevel Reflect Logo..
File → Create → Logos → Bevel Reflect Logo...
Scrolling Interface here.

ML Bevel Reflect - REQUIRED
Alternative download ML Bevel Reflect Ver.2

Authors: Version 2.0 by GnuTux (Initial release: Marcel Lancelle)
In menu: Filters/Map/ML Bevel Reflect 2.0...
Source: GimpScriptsCom Pack 06 pos.120 
 (Compiled for Gimp-2.10.28 : MareroQ)