Tuesday, September 22, 2020

BA_Conbagui_Coin Ver.5 & 6 (New)

 BA_Conbagui_Coin Ver.5 (New)

Authors: Animicule & MareroQ

This plugin is based on "text-along-path-04.py" by Ofnuts (implanted code) and the Conbagui tutorial.

They are also needed:
- LayerFX-2.10.py
- Blur-gauss.exe,bump-map.exe [borrowed from Gimp-2.8.22_64bit)

- CoinEdge.gbr
- Ring Hardness 100.gbr
- Stars design.gbr

In menu Gimp: Filters/Render/Create Coin...

The required  plugins are included in the attachment.

Add options: Bottom text type: From Left to Right, From Right to Left, Only Top Text in a Circle.



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  1. Hi thank you for this wonderful script, is it possible to instead of stars, you can put start and text in.


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