Wednesday, September 23, 2020 Ver 0.7

Author: MareroQ 

Ver 0.5

  Version 0.5 does not differ from version 0.4 except for the possibility of translating into any language ("mo" file is included).
After you translate (in Gedit) you can send me your file and I will join the download.
 In menu Gimp: Filters->Edge-Detect->Potrace... based on code plugin-autotrace by bootch and Potrace by Peter Selinger.
Requires separate potrace program be installed.

POTRACE - transform bitmaps into vector graphics

* * * * * * * * *

Potrace is a tool for tracing a bitmap, which means, transforming a
bitmap into a smooth, scalable image. The input is a bitmap (PBM,
PGM, PPM, or BMP), and the output is one of several vector file
formats. A typical use is to create SVG or PDF files from scanned
data, such as company or university logos, handwritten notes, etc.
The resulting image is not "jaggy" like a bitmap, but smooth. It can
then be rendered at any resolution.

Potrace can currently produce the following output formats: SVG, PDF,
EPS, PostScript, DXF, GeoJSON, PGM (for easy antialiasing of
pixel-based images), Gimppath, and XFig. Additional backends might be
added in the future.

A separate program, mkbitmap, is also provided. This program can act
as a pre-processor for Potrace, applying scaling and various filters
to an image before converting it to a bitmap. This is useful for
potracing greyscale and color images.

Test image:


 Ver 0.6

Due to the described problems, I have made two changes:

1. Temporary files will be automatically saved only in the home directory in the subfolder "tmp".
2. The user must name temporary files (with a warning about not using spaces and special characters).
Update to Gimp-2.10.32_Win64bit:
- use pdb.file_bmp_save2
- potrace-1.16.win64

Ver 0.7

- replace hex color to RGB,
- dropped saving as ppm file (since it is ~10 times larger than bmp),
- small changes in the appearance of the GUI.

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