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 Author: Tor Lillqvist
It's an old plug but new users sometimes have trouble downloading it - so it's here as well.
With this plugin You will be able to run (unfortunately only some) PSPI plugins (".8bf) in Gimp.

 Those who use GIMP with 32-bit support on Windows can use * .8bf plugins.
Note: This plug-in loader is 32-bit and only works with 32-bit versions of plugins, even when using 64-bit GIMP. Make sure you can use 32-bit plugins.

How to Make Plugins Work in GIMP-2.10

Step 1. 
Download the Photoshop filter plug (pspi) for GIMP: "".
Open the zip archive ("") and copy the plug-in loader (pspi.exe) to the GIMP Plugins directory:

c: \ Users \ - Your name - \ AppData \ Roaming \ GIMP \ 2.10 \ plug-ins \

Step 2. 
Download and install the * .8bf plugins you want to use.

Step 3. 
Open GIMP and select Photoshop Plug-in Settings from the Filters menu.

A new window will appear:
Photoshop plug-in settings in GIMP

Click on the first folder ("1"). The button in the center of the window will be highlighted in red (2).

Click the last folder ("3") and find the folder with * .8bf plugins.

Tip: We recommend that you copy all the necessary plugins (.8bf files) to a separate folder and only add that folder to GIMP. Otherwise, if the plug-in loader finds 64-bit versions, an error may appear.

Click OK.

Step 4
After reopening GIMP, you will find the newly installed * .8bf plugins in the Filters menu. They will become active when you open any photo.

Note: Remember that not all * .8bf plugins are fully compatible with GIMP, which works with selection and transparency in a way other than Photoshop (sometimes removing the alpha channel or selection from an image helps).

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