Saturday, September 26, 2020

Felimage Noise 0.1.1 Win_64bit

Felimage Noise 0.1.1 Win_64bit

 Author: Guillermo Romero

In menu Gimp:Filters/Render/Pattern/FelimageNoise...

This is one of my favorite plugins.
FelimageNoise is a GIMP plugin, originally developed, to generate noise patterns, but with feature sizes larger than a single pixel.
It can generate tileable textures, textures for use in spherical mapping.
It can use foreground/background colors, gradients and independent RGBA channels or warp an image.
It implemens several noise functions, such as FBM (Fractal Brownian Motion) and Multifractal textures,
with complete control, to allow for animation of noise (useful to generate animation frames), as well as complete presets management.

Presets Felimage Noise

Compiled for Gimp-2.10.20: MareroQ


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