Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Equal Luminosity Masks Ver. 1.2

 Equal Luminosity Masks [].

Author: David Marsden
In menu: Layer / Mask / Equal Luminosity Masks...

Create 10 Luminosity Masks -  discussed: here & pdf:  here.
The plugin checks if there is a pre-existing selection and if so, saves it to a channel.
It then makes a copy of the image, equalizes the copy and desaturates it.
Using a series of 10 equally spaced spline curves it creates 10 channels named Lum 0 to Lum 9.
These are used to make 10 layers (Lum 0 to Lum 9) each of which has a mask controlling the range of luminosity that can be adjusted in that layer.
Layer 0 permits adjustment of the darkest regionsand layer 9 the lightest.


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