Friday, January 8, 2021

Focus Blur Ver.3.2.6 Win_64bit

 Focus Blur Ver 3.2.6 [focusblur.exe]

Author: Kyoichiro Suda
In menu: Filters / Blur / Focus Blur...
Source code here.

 Focus Blur plugin create blurring effect, a kind of called DoF.
This plugin makes a out of focus with luminosity and depth, like a sight or lenses.
It can be used with depth map, depth fakes and shine effect.
Also it can work as simple and applicable blur.    

Same plugin version compiled in two different orientations:

1. Orientation HORIZONTAL:


Compiled by Onkel Hatti (in 2013 - but still working for Gimp-2.10)


2. Orientation VERTICAL:


Compiled for Gimp-2.10.22 Win_64bit: MareroQ

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