Thursday, January 14, 2021

Cool Effects scripts by John Lakkas

 Cool Effects  by John Lakkas (package of 5 scripts)


Author: John Lakkas [aka:johnlak]

In memu:
Colors / Cool effects / Cool Look
Colors / Cool effects / Cool Look 2
Colors / Cool effects / Cool Manual Lens
Colors / Cool effects / Cool-Warm
Colors / Cool effects / Manual Lens

Cool Effects requires YUV Temperature plugin by elsamuko -> here

Manual-lens_filter.scm & cool-manual-lens_filter.scm

This script changes the color balance and brightens up the image to imitate images taken with Manual/Classic/Vintage lenses.
Below you will find two versions of the script one with Manual lens only (Manual-lens_filter) and one with Manual lens and Cool Manual lens (Cool-manual-lens_filter).

Cool-look_filter.scm & cool-look2_filter.scm

This is a bundle of two filters with similar action. The first one (Cool Look) is cooling the white balance of all tones while boosting red tones saturation, somewhat imitating Nikon look.
The second (Cool Look 2) one is cooling only the dark tones while boosting red saturation only in the brighter tones, imitating a generic non aggressive cinematic color grading,
ideal for scenes with darkish background and people in the brighter tones.


Cool-Warm filter is creating two new layers one with warmer colors and one with cooler colors. It's purpose is to add to the top cool layer a mask and then paint the areas you would like to warm and the ones to be cool.
Useful for environmental portraits.

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