Friday, January 29, 2021

IndexPrint Ver.3.34

 IndexPrint for Windows

Author: Elmar Sullock Enzlin  "moroquendo" [minor modification for Win&Gimp-2.10: MareroQ]
In menu: File --> Indexprint

Author's website here.

Indexprint is a python script that generates an indexprint or contactsheet containing a configurable number of images.
If there are more images than fits on the page, new contactsheets are created.
Also, the image name to the images can be printed.

Extract the contents of the zip-file into your own, local plug-ins directory.

Contents zip-file
indexprint  \
    |             \
    |             \
    |             \   
    |             \config                           #storing the configuration
    |             \errorlog                         #stores the (error) messages

When Gimp starts, it creates two additional files with a .pyc extension.


  1. It's nice, I remember it; hence downloaded and tried.
    First runs OK, but after a Gimp Close then Restart, it "confused" my Gimp (Samj's) start.
    Maybe there is some "statement" conflicting with the normal Samj's Gimp behaviour? IDK.
    But I had to re-set all my links to plug-ins without including this one.
    My could be a warning for users of Samj's package.

    1. Just so that you know. MareroQ has not responded to any comments posted on the site, so it might be best to get in touch with him on GimpChat.


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