Friday, January 8, 2021

BIMP 2.5 Win_64bit.

Batch Image Manipulation Plugin for GIMP [bimp.exe]

Author: Alessandro Francesconi
In menu: File / Batch Image Manipulation...
Source code here

Author's website here.

Changelog 2.5: Fixed Color Curve not working if exported using GIMP 2.10

With BIMP you can apply a set of manipulations to an entire group of images! It provides an easy to use interface and a lot of batch functions: Resize, Crop, Flip and rotate, Blurring and sharpening, Color (and curve), correction, Watermark, Rename, Change compression and format, ... and whatever you want! (almost ...) - using: Other GIMP procedure.

 Perhaps when you are working with small images you will need a larger preview (in src/bimp-gui.c
 in lines 487 and 488 was enlarged by changing to: 2 * PREVIEW_IMG_W, 2 * PREVIEW_IMG_H)
Larger preview:
Compiled for Gimp-2.10.22 Win_64bit: MareroQ

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