Saturday, January 30, 2021

Line Border 2 Ver.2.5

 Line Border 2 for Windows

Author: Marián Kyral "mkyral" [minor modification for Win&Gimp-2.10: MareroQ]
In menu: Filters / Decor / Borders  /Line border 2
Author's website here.

Another plugin (multi-part) for Windows that "suffered" when changing with Gimp-2.8 (python MSC) to Gimp-2.10 (python GCC).

A plugn to create a border around an image. Border can contains additional lines (inner and outer). 

Size of lines and distance to image/border can be set independently.

Current features:
- All sizes could be specified in pixels or percents
- Border corners and lines corners could be rounded
- Multiple lines of text
- Different font for eeach text
- Texts coud be also placed on left, right or upper border
- A watermark support (text or logo).


Example images by Marián Kyral:

Extract the contents of the zip-file into your own, local plug-ins directory.

Contents zip-file:
================= (old name:
LineBorder \
    |              \
    |              \
    |              \
    |              \
    |              \

When Gimp starts, it creates four additional files with a *.pyc (in LineBorder) extension & LineBorder.cfg (in local Gimp directory)

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