Monday, September 12, 2022

Speedline 0.5.2 Win-64bit


Author: OHTSUKA Yoshio

Illustrations and descriptions (translated from Japanese to English) and the plug are from the site:

In menu: Filters ➤ ReddogPlug ➤ Speedline...

A Tool for drawing Speed Lines.
Speedline is a Gimp plugin for creating saturated lines and fast lines.
Gimp has the standard Line Nova script, but it can't do very complicated things.
There is a preview screen, you can change parameters while checking the line appearance.
You can freely set the center of the saturated line anywhere, and set various parameters in addition to the line thickness.
Take a look at the examples to see what you can do:



  1. This is a nice plugin but is very tall and thus i cannot see the execute or ok button to run the filter after selecting the values.

    1. Depending on which OS you use, there is a way to scroll the menu.


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