Friday, September 9, 2022

Insane Bump for Windows

Author: Derby Russell
In menu: Filters ➤ Map ➤ InsaneBump... 

This is an old plugin from 2013 and hard to get, but it can run in Gimp-2.10.
This plugin is a normal map generator. It was originally written by Omar Emad (as a Python plugin that depends on other custom plugins).
Upload a single-layer photo, then select InsaneBump Map Filters, adjust the details and hit Execute.
The Normal/Diffuse/Specular/Occlusion maps for the image will be created in the folder where the original image is located.
If you created a new layer, you must save it before using InsaneBump. Otherwise, you'll get an error like this:

The plug-in creates different files:

image_name_a    ambiend occlusion
image_name_d   diffusion (just the color)
image_name_h   height
image_name_hn  highdetail
image_name_ln  lowdetail
image_name_mn mediumdetail
image_name_n    normal map
image_name_s    specular
image_name_sn  shaperecog

Source code and binaries come from the former nonexistent Gimp Plugin Registry (the archive is here).





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