Wednesday, September 21, 2022

DIEGO COLOURS Modify LCS with Preview.


Author: Diego Nassetti [dinasset]

Preview added by MareroQ based on Claude Lion code.
Source: GimpScriptsCom Pack 03 position 45. 
Discussion on the Gimp Chat forum here.

In menu: Diego ➤ Colours ➤ Modify LCS with preview...

This filter allows to enhance at the same time Luminosity, Contrast and Saturation of an Image.
The user sets up the “target” values and the filter can:
– either use an auto-adjustment based on the distance of current values from target
– or approaching the target in a “strong”, “normal” or “weak” action (user choice).

Changes (made by MrQ):

- add more Preview types: Full, Forward Vertical, Backward Vertical, Forward Horizontal, Backward Horizontal. 


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