Saturday, February 24, 2024

WATER SKETCH 2024 by Diego


It is a new implementation of Watercolour effects.

I've been attracted during my experiments of the look which results from merging sketch and watercolor.

Let me call it "a modern approach to watercolor".

There are no prerequisites, except G'MIC. 

All the effects are obtained by filter steps in the process.  

If the user does not flatten the resulting outcome, (s)he has many possibilities of customizing the result.

All layers concur somehow to the final look, and the user can change opacities and modes at pleasure.

Hints on launching parameters (attached screenshot):

-Sketch amount: it's a major component of the process. Start with default then play at your taste with opacity.

-Posterize: it's a component of the process to flatten a bit the colours of the areas.

-Chroma amount: as the word says, adds a bit of chroma.

-Ageing amount: gives to the outcome a look of an old painting. It's slow and you may omit.

-Border type: choose between flat ant fuzzy border (fuzzy is more typical for watercolors).

-Border amount: expressed as percent of the image.

-C2G amount: -1 lets the filter select randomly among the effects of the gray version of the painting

             any other value is the desired opacity of this layer

+C2G layer mode: 10 different modes (and default opacity) (attached screenshot) 

-Sketch on top %: reinforces the "sketch" look of the outcome.           

                 also here you may use -1 to let the filter choose randomly             opacity and mode 

                 any other value is the desired opacity of this layer 

+Sketch mode: 10 different modes (and default opacity) (attached screenshot)  

-Paper type: choose between flat and grainy

Issabella created a wonderful Slideshow of the best oucomes produced with my WaterSketch filter.

Here is the link:

Click for Slideshow

Enjoy it!

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