Saturday, February 24, 2024

FREE DRAWING 2024 by Diego


 It is a new implementation of Drawing effects.

There are no prerequisites, except G'MIC. 

All the effects are obtained by filter steps in the process.  

If the user does not flatten the resulting outcome, (s)he has many possibilities of customizing the result.

All layers concur somehow to the final look, and the user can change opacities and modes at pleasure.

The 3 main components are:

1. the choice of the contours effect filter

2. the choice of the posterizing effect filter

3. the choice of the sketching effect filter

The combination of these 3 choices creates the "drawing". Hints on launching parameters (attached screenshot):

-Equalize: it is usually better to activate it

-Contours: it's a major component of the process. Start with default then play at your taste with opacity.

-Posterize: it's a component of the process to flatten a bit the colours of the areas.

-Sketch mode: the sketching process generates a layer whose mode can be chosen by the user 

-Original on top: restores optionally to the outcome a part of the original colors (user chooses the mode).

-Border type: choose between flat ant fuzzy border (fuzzy is more typical for watercolors).

-Frame: user chooses to have it or not, if chosen the user can opt among:

        -two different types (flat or fuzzy, for drawing it is preferable the flat mode)

        -two different amounts (in % of the outcome): 8% or 12%  

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