Thursday, February 15, 2024

Path Copy Rotate Shift with LIVE PREVIEW


Skinnyhouse & MareroQ
Source code Live Preview: Tin Tran

Original plugin and examples:

This plugin is for easy path manipulation.
Provides options for copying, rotating, moving and stroking user path.
It is based on the plugin by Skinnyhouse with added live preview

Added to the original plugin 2 new options:
for Modifier options: Mandala (Rotation=360°:Number of copies)" for Stroke options: "With active brush and foreground color".

The starting path is saved in the tmp directory under the name crs.svg (overwriting the previously used one). Modifier - means an increase in parameter values for each subsequent path.
When Preview=No, you can change the selection of active brush or gradient, FG/BG colors and active layer and path (without the need to restart the plugin).

In menu: Filters ➤ Path ➤ Copy Rotate Shift + LP...

Example for new options:


Ver. 1.0

Ver. 1.1.


added option: "Scaling".

When scaling down, not all parameters are possible (you can't scale down infinitely).
You will recognize an incorrect selection by the existing selection or the highest path (it should be a result called "skinnypath 1" - then you need to change (reduce) the selection of the "Scaling" or "Number of copies" parameters.
Scaling may also require selecting the "X/Y Offset" option.

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