Friday, February 23, 2024

AutoTrace with LIVE PREVIEW


Authors: MareroQ
Source code autotrace: Martin Weber
Source code (Python-2.7) Lloyd Konneker
Source code Live Preview (gtk2): Tin Tran
 About Autotrace older version:

Reduced the number of parameters - giving up the "Create paths: "Many, Individual" options (this is very slow) and "Path visible?" (the path is visible only when "Stroke Path Width:" = 0)

Simplifying the image to reduced colors and smooth outlines, as in a cartoon or collage.
Creates paths in an image (on outlines or center lines).

It requires a separate program called autotrace. Autotrace is a command line program, freely available on the Internet, with the package name "autotrace" (for Windows 64bit it is included in the ZIP - the latest version of autotrace 0.31.10 does not work with this plug-in).

It works by converting an image into vectors (curves) and then back into pixels (bitmap) and possibly paths (vectors).

The plugin uses an engine (autotrace) that does not handle fonts and line graphics well.

How works:

Saves the current image to a temporary autotrace.bmp file (deleted automatically after rendering).
Invokes auto-tracking of this file to create a temporary SVG file.
Imports a temporary svg file as a new layer.

In menu: Filters ➤ Edge-Detect ➤ Autotrace with Live Preview...

(24-02-2024 corrected typo: ege ➤ edge)

added: procedure pdb.gimp_image_resize_to_layers(image) - useful when layers have different sizes and also the ability to save an svg file under a selected name has been restored (e.g. when you want to saved a file to open in Inkscape).


Ver. 1.2.

- GUI appearance,
-fix bug related to using "Cancel" button when plugin was not used.

Ver. 1.3.
- replace transparency (if alpha channel exists) to BG color (on added copy).

Ver. 1.4.
added Ignore (remove) color option (obviously it doesn't work for centerline).
In the case of a layer with a transparent area, you should also select the appropriate BG Color.


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  1. Only for Windows users

    1. Your statements are not true.
      This plugin also works for Linux.
      Just visit GimpChat where Rich2005 has released autotrace for Linux.


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