Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Apply Selection to Layer with LIVE PREVIEW


Authors:  MareroQ
Code source: Tin Tran
Revision: David Madsen

Older version (Grow-Shrink Live Preview):

Transform a selection and/or layer with Live Preview. Creates a new layer.

In menu: Select ➤ Apply to Layer LP... 

It also allows you to easily crop, scale, move and rotate a layer.

If there is no selection, the entire image will be selected and move = reduce
    if move "+"= reduce from left/bottom,
if move "-" = reduce from right/top,

You can submit comments here:


- added opacity
- if there is no selection, add a crop function on each side.

Designation of directions:
LR = from Left to Right
RL = from Right to Left
TB = from Top to Bottom
BT = from Bottom to Top

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