Friday, December 22, 2023

Path Waves with Live Preview

(MrQ Path Waves by Ofn with Live

Author: MareroQ
based on code Ofnuts and Tin Tran

This is a Live Preview overlay of the path-waves-0.2 plugin by Ofnuts (plugin must be installed - is in the attachment).
Renders a wave along the BOTTOM path.

Without closing the plugin, you can also "manually" (when Preview = No):

- change the visibility of paths,
- modify the bottom path (make corrections), 
- drag any track to the bottom track.

In menu: Filters ➤ Path ➤ Path Waves LP... 





Added option: "Visibility": ["No Change", "Only TOP", "Only BOTTOM", "TOP & BOTTOM", "All Visible", "All Invisible"]






added code by David Madsen: changed update policy of sliders to DISCONTINUOUS (this prevents the plugin from updating while moving the sliders).



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