Sunday, December 10, 2023

FreePaint 2023 by Diego


Author: Diego

Unlike its conceptual predecessor (Free Painting, since 2020), it has no prerequisites (no subsidiary filters, no pattern sets).

It has been developed using exclusively the functionalities of Gimp+Gmic.

It manipulates the source image in two sections of processes:

- the first one leads to create what I called the BASIC OUTCOME

- the second one applies optional embellishments to finalize the outcome

The basic section has four steps:

- the choice of the "painting" tool

- the choise of the brush "stroking" tool

- the choice of the "contours" accentuation tool

- the choice of the "posterizing" tool

The second section has also four steps:

- the choice of the percent of the original image to restore

- the choice of a final pattern generating tool

- the choice of the percent of abstract color application

- the choice of the final look generated by various possible filters

The user has the possibility to test the combination of choices for:

- better meet her/his taste 

- be more suitable for the specific image (and image type: people, nature, constructions,...)

First time it could take a lot of time, but at end every one will have a sort of "presets" to use.

We include a simple, partial, incomplete suggestion (FP2023preset). 

Click here for file.

Free Paint Filter Information
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Free Paint 2023 Filter


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