Saturday, November 4, 2023

Rotate Linked Layers Animation


Author: Tin Tran [aka: Tin, Tim, Trandoductin]

Examples on GimpChat: here.
In menu: Filters ➤ Animation ➤ Rotate-Linked-Animation... 
(old original plugin location: Python-Fu/Rotate-Linked-Animation...) 
Creates an animation by rotating selected linked layers (one speed per layer linked) in two directions ('+' = right,' -' = left, '0' = no rotation) at the selected rotation speed ('Linked Frames Speed') .
The combined frame rate is a string of numbers (comma separated) that tells the plugin how to rotate the combined frames.
In the example shown above, -1,1,-2,3 will say so:
rotate the first connected layer at negative full speed (full rotation)
rotate the second connected layer at full speed
rotate the third connected layer at negative double speed
rotate the fourth connected layer at 3x speed.

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