Sunday, October 22, 2023

Abstract Plus (requires GMIC)


Author: Diego

This one was born as a pure toy, exploiting the interesting effect of G'MIC Abstract filters.

Then, with the great help of Issabella, it came out also as an interesting filter useful for other people.

It is composed by two steps:

- the first one uses G'MIC Color Abstraction Paint to create an abstract base of the outcome

  the user can select the layer mode to be applied to the source

- the second one applies an overlaying G'MIC distortion or creative effect

  this effect is selectable by the user among 26 possibiities

An attached tutorial created by Issabella gives suggestions to the users.

PDF Tutorial

See Forum: Gimp Art   Topic:  Outcomes of a new toy: ABSTRACT PLUS...

In menu: Diego ➤ SimpleFilters ➤ Abstract Plus...

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