Monday, May 1, 2023

Random wobble text layer

 (MrQ Random wobble text

Author: MareroQ
(Plugin based on plugin Tin Tran:

Randomly changes angle, height, and letter spacing ("fake handwriting").
Creates a layer group as a new image.(with individual letters on separate layers).

In menu:
In menu: Filters ➤ Text ➤ Random wobble text layer...


- bugfix for Change  Case?": "Swapcase"
- addes options Font Slope (tilt angl [-45° , +45°]



- added options "Thickness" (the result depends on the size of the font!) 


Normal text: Arial 80 px, centered:


"Thickness" = - 2 px:

"Thickness" = + 2 px:



- divided plugin window  into 3 tabs,
- option added: "Letter Spacing", "Line Spacing:", "Add Background?", "Merge layer group?", "Delete the initial text?",

By making the font thicker, you can increase the "Letter Spacing", by reducing the font weight, you can decrease the "Letter Spacing".
With larger values of "Max Random Y Offset:" you can increase "Line Spacing"

Important informations:

Thickness (crop - | + bold) only works for merged layer group and no added background..
The last line of text must end with a space.

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