Friday, May 26, 2023



Author: Joe1GK
(modified for Gimp-2.10 by Paul Sherman & MrQ)

Creates a cartoon image from the active layer. You can adjust the thickness of the line as well as adjust the intensity of the "black" shadow. Now you can adjust the color depth, 1 is the flattest, 5 has the most levels.
The pre-filter option requires and uses the GREYCstoration filter, the newer G'MIC filter, Speckle Removal, or Selective Gaussian Blur.
Set to FALSE if you don't want noise reduction. There is an option to keep the active layer.

Only works for an image: 8 bit integer | Perceptual gamma (sRGB).
If not convert from: Image ➤ Precision

In menu: Filters ➤ Artistic ➤ CarTOONize...

Option "Halftone", requires two additional plugins (run interactively): unsharp-mask.exe and newsprint.exe (from Gimp-2.8 64 bit).

Option "Noise Reduction" ➤ "GREYCStoration Smoothing" requires additional plugin: greycstoration.exe (bundled version is 32-bit) 

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