Thursday, February 23, 2023



Author: James Sambrook
(small changes by MareroQ)

Create an eight-point compass as new image.

In menu: Filters ➤ Render ➤ Compass...


Source script ( static):

Changes made by MrQ:
- the compass is created on a transparent background,
- add selection of line thickness and color,
- add option to add compass dial color (BACKGROUND COLOR),
- change of location in Gimp menu.

The script uses the 'Circle-3' brush [internal name: 'Circle (03)']
Copy the brush to the home "brushes" directory or activate the brushes from share\gimp\2.0\brushes\gimp-obsolete-files (the directory name must start with a capital letter, e.g. 'Gimp-obsolete-files').

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