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P&M Cosmos

 P&M Cosmos
Authors: Pocholo & MareroQ

Creates Stars, Planets, Spaceships and much more...

In menu: Filters ➤ Astronomy ➤ Render Planet & Stars...

On Gimpchat You will find many more examples:

You must have G'MIC installed (version 3.1.0 or later recommended)
This version includes language files for user translations (currently only translated in German and Polish). If you are not interested in the translation, you can remove the directory 'locale' from the attachment. 

You can download multiple gradients (468 Mandelbulber Gradients) for creating your Ring from here.
How to create Your own ships:


Change Log:
- add new tab: FX-3D;
- add new SpaceShip: Elipsoid;
- add Zoom Motion to Gmic Stars.

Rel 1.3

Change Log:
- add '3D Block' and 'Random Deform' to tab: FX-3D


Change Log:
-bug fix for 3D Block (this G'MIC filter resize image to square)
-more stars control based on

Change Log:
-remove the green color of the stars,
-add gradmap (recolor using colors from the active gradient) or/and Alien Map (alter colors in various psychedelic ways) to '3D Extrude'. 

Change Log:

-renamed the "UFO" tab to 'Ships',
-add 'Famous Ships' to tab 'Ships'(this option requires the installation of 3 fonts).

'Famous Ships' based on the dingbat font by Daniel Zadorozny

These fonts are free for all non-commercial uses including: charitable, nonprofit, academic and educational.
The included fonts are the silhouettes of numerous spacecraft: Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Spacecruiser Yamato, Space 1999, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Buck Rogers' starfighter from the 23rd century, Dr. Who's Tardis, Serenity from the Firefly, Imperials, Rebels, Klingons, Cylons, Romulans, and Colonists series.

Example: Famous Spaceships 2, letter <

Change Log:
-remove white pixels from the edges of Famous Ships,
-add "surface" to famous ships (according to G'MIC Super-Pixels);
-extracting the "Embossing" option in the "Ships" tab as choice.


Change Log:
-add 'Motion Stargate' to tab 'Ring',
-add 'Star Burst' to tab 'Stars' based on by Pocholo,
-add new type Planet: 'Cloudy' (with active gradient). 

-added new type 'surface': Ministeck, "Truchet (straight or curved)","Grid Triangular". 

Grid Triangular

Truchet (straight)

Truchet (curved)

TIP: If you experience problems with the preview, try using an RGBA image with "u8-gamma" precision.

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  1. Is there a chance to make these plug-ins with GEGL access work on OSX / MAC, too? Doesn#t work at the moment, which is a pity.


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