Friday, December 31, 2021

JVID Effect General Information

The JVID art plugin series [A Joint Venture] is the result of a collaboration between:

 Issabella (the tutorial author) and 

Diego Nassetti [dinasset] (the plugin author based on his own interpretation of the tutorial - as not all art concepts made with GIMP can be directly translated into the plug).

For these reasons, it is worth comparing the effect achieved with the plugin with the personal execution of the tutorial.

As Diego [Dinasset] on gimpchat suggests:
"... That way, everyone will have two options:
1. Download, install, play with the filter;
2. More creative people can download, personalize and apply the tutorial
... "

For the convenience of users: Tutorial and plugin will be in one download package.

You must have G'MIC installed (recommended version 3.0 or later) for these filters to function properly.
A message may appear when the G'MIC filter runs slowly:
As a parameter you give the dimension [sum: width + height] in which you want to get the size of the result:

The filter works with its own inner dimension anyway and scales to the dimensions You specify.
All photos in the JVID series are taken by Issabella.

On gimpchat You will find many more examples of beautiful effects obtained:

A Joint Venture Effect from A to I: here.

A Joint Venture Effect from J to P: here.

A Joint Venture Effect from Q to Z: here.

Many thanks to the authors for sharing.

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