Saturday, December 11, 2021

Coin Creator

 MrQ Coin


Brian Andersen [Animicule] & MareroQ

In menu: Filters ➤ Render ➤ Coin Creator...

 This is an extended version plug-ins

(but without the need to install any add-ons and with a preview).

The plugin will not work in the portable Samj version  Gimp-2.10.28  when You use the launchpad with a different language selection (only with GIMP.exe works - and I don't know why yet).

It will also not work when any layer has a mask applied. 

 Codes used:

- & text-along-path-04 by Ofnuts

- fu_preview (modificed gimpfu) by Claude Lion [aka cli345]

- gimfu3 with tabs by J.F.Garcia [arakne]

- gegl_command by Kevin Payne & Claude Lion [cli345].



Dingbat fonts can come in handy for decorating - and this plugin (Font Dingbat Symbol can be helpful.


Wingdings - created with a plugin  Font Dingbat Symbol

- preview is disabled by default after running the plug-in,
- change the order of tabs,
- add options: Opacity to Stars, Scaleded Active Layer to Inner Radius.


  1. Version 6 is working but I cant access V7 from GIMP

  2. How to upgrade from V6 to V7 ? Please help me

    1. Remove version 6 from your computer and download version 7.


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